GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThis week’s assortment:

The Catholic crevasse deepens? (Article) (In order to save his church, will Pope Francis destroy it?)

Your pre-flight frisk will require removal of food/reading material from carry-on bags to foster individual inspection? (Report) They promise not to notice the content of your reading material. (f you believe them …)

Healthcare: The GOP agrees that Obamacare taxes must go? (Report) (Those taxes are insufficient and Medicare/Medicaid are in deficit. How does the GOP plan to fund healthcare?)

A designated “Space Force” was proposed by a Congressman? (Report) (To be run out of Washington or Hollywood?)

The onslaught of cell phones on earth. (Article)

How central banks have rigged stocks, bonds and commodities? (Article) (Well, Murphy is in charge and God has been fired …)

McDonald’s explains how its new worker replacement robots really won’t replace any workers. (Article)

The U.S. destroyer ignored warnings before the collision with the freighter? (Article)

Student loans: The ticking debt bomb with silence pulled over it? (Report)

There was no chemical weapon attack in Syria per U.S. high military officials; Trump fired missiles against advice? (Article) Seymour Hirsch version supports (Article)

Brazil: President Temer, who recently replaced a predecessor impeached for corruption, has been charged with corruption? (Article) (The more we change …)

America’s pets are getting fatter (Report) (Pet food too cheap?)

A man was jailed for 90 days when police mistook drywall dust for cocaine. (Report)

The Catholic Church: Continues wrestling with itself as the Vatican’s pro-life academy boss defends a pro-abortion member. (Report) (Pope Francis’ Gordian Knot)

Google was fined $2.7 B by the European Union for antitrust violations. (Report) (For censoring search results differently than the politicians want them censored, or for being too successful?)

New York City’s subways still can’t stay on track? (Report) The Governor declared an emergency. (Report)

Mexico: Update (Article) (A rising body count)

Gender I.D.. on Washington D.C. residents’ driver’s licenses may now be male, female or “X.” (Report)  (Hmnn … Him, Her and Who Knows?)

Still higher tariffs on Canadian lumber as the Trump administration ‘protects’ U.S. wood producers. (Report) (And U.S. wood consumers will pay)

A real election hack that no one seems to want known (Report)

The ultimate in government reforms? (Article) (Andrew Jackson would have loved this)

Federal Reserve Chair Yellen: “I don’t believe we will see another crisis in our lifetime.” (Article) (Translation: “We’re toast!)

Government snooping is never enough? The spyfolk want permanent authority for controversial snooping. (Report)

Is an actor (with money) responsible for 30 year old girlfriends’ suicide from overdose because he helped pay for her drug? Do her parents deserve to use the court to pursue him? (Report)

Yellowstone’s super caldera continues swarming earthquakes. (Report) (Supereruption threat or no?) Another quake swarm hit the central Sierras where another supercaldera exists, but no one is mentioning any possibility that it too could be refilling with pre-eruption lava. (Report)

Science: New evidence of high altitude human occupation of southern Peru 7 to 9 thousand years ago? (Report) (That’s back with ancient Egypt)

Philadelphia: Unrolling a new water utility program that proportions water bills to customer’s income, thus subsidizing lower income users at the expense of the better off. (Report) (The rich will pay, right? Sounds like a tax, to us.) (Wonder how they’ll discover all the incomes …)

A Catholic Cardinal has been charged in Australia with sexual assault. He is reportedly among the Pope’s senior advisors. (Report) (Pray for Francis)

“The Cold Civil War” is a keen, trenchant and simple analysis of the present division of America and of its risks, with advice toward progress. (Article) (Highly recommended to those interested)

 Saudi Arabia: Update How stable is it, really? And how many countries have quietly acquired nukes? (Article)

China/North Korea: China’s government has cut off oil sales to North Korea? (Report) (Might if so, mean China finally getting serious about North Korean nukes.)

U.S./China: A Senate panel voted to reverse 40 years of policy by permitting the U.S. Navy to call at Taiwan ports. (Another step in the game of chicken over the South China Sea?) China “furious” as U.S. sells Taiwan new weapons? (Report) (Trumps tweets loudly and does more than carry his big stick)

The culture: Our TV pundits can deplore our increasing violence, then recommend that Trump murder son-in-law Kushner? (Report)

Impresario Elon Musk moves to undermine Los Angeles by riddling the city with tunnels? (Report) (Taxpayers beware)

The European Union is afraid Trump may like the Poles  ? (Report)

A White House reporter from Playboy magazine complained that Trump’s news bosses are bullying him? (Report) (Maybe he should disrobe …)

The culture: Ireland’s education minister seeks banning Catholic schools from favoring applications of Catholic students? (Report) (Pope Francis’ job grows even more difficult …)

Space: President Trump reestablished the defunct U.S. Space Council? (Report) (For good or ill, the repoliticization of American space efforts?)

The culture: A Florida man, sitting down onto a gun in his car seat, shot himself in his penis. (Report)

Chicago: Ruminations on the wastrel city’s confiscatory new soda tax. (Article)

Pensions: A worldwide ticking bomb of inadequate funding? (Article) (The Federal Reserve hasn’t allowed safe interest earnings for many years)

Are Illinois and Puerto Rico our future? (Article) (Well, unless it’s Venezuela, right?)

Connecticut’s governor by executive order, assumed control of spending when the state Assembly deadlocked on producing a budget. (Article)

Maine is preparing to shut down government as the legislaturefails to enact its budget. (Article)

New Jersey shunt down its government over its stalled budget? (Report)

29 states have refused to supply voter fraud data to the Feds? (Article) (Guess which politicians run those states …)

An economist questions: “Why has Washington been at war for 16 years?” (Article) (Nobel Laureate Paul Craig Roberts)

The economy: The U.S. fertility rate has hit another record low. (Article) (How will a shrinking population of workers support a growing population of baby boom retirees?)

The culture: 28 people were injured at a Little Rock  nightclub shootout. Not terrorism, per police. (Report)

Chicago: 8 killed, 49 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked man was arrested after he was found in a Lake Wales couple’s yard. (Report)

And that should do …

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