GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThis week’s accumulation:

Afghanistan: The 4000 troop increase is resisted as too few?  (Article) (Shouldn’t the money be found before the troops? And why are U.S. troops there, anyway?)

Washington wants chaos in the Middle East? (Article)

Illinois: State in financial collapse? (Report) (And it’s just the head f the line.) Illinois State Controller: “The state can no longer function.” (Article)

Yellowstone earthquake swarm: May or may not presage eruption of the super-caldera, depending upon whom you believe. (Report)

The collision between a U.S. Navy ship and a freighter has some unanswered questions. (Report) Rumors surround the incident. Update: The freighter was on autopilot when it collided? (Report)

Is government reaching for your wealth? A new Senate bill hikes seizures, snooping and the war on cash. (Report) (Well, they’ll have to cut the welfare unless they can find new sources to fund it, right?)

Syria: Russia will target U.S. aircraft after a U.S. fighter shot down a Syrian government aircraft following bombing of U.S. supported rebels. (Report) (Trump/Putin playing chicken with people’s lives)

 Saudi Arabia/Iran: Did Iran attack a Saudi oil field? (Article)

3 parent families are gaining approval in courts. (Report) (Some interesting children coming?)

ISIIS/ Qatar: Update (Article)

New York City subways are careening out of control, literally … (Report)

Obama cover up: Evidence of misuse of government for political purposes has been hidden from public scrutiny by transferring it to the Obama Library, where it is immune to disclosure for 5 years.

Russian Defense Minister’s flight buzzed by NATO jet, (Report) (Trump/Putin: Little boys playing chicken)

A driverless Uber competitor is under development at Nissan. (Report) (How will traffic cops handle that?)

“It wasn’t just the NSA; Germany spied on the White House for years.” (Article) (Everybody spies on everybody; investigations are only propaganda exercises, right?)

Sears Canada is bankrupt. (Report) (Can we guess who’s next?)

The U.S. Navy’s new electromagnetic aircraft carrier catapults aren’t working reliably? (Article) (Perhaps they haven’t cost enough yet?)

The suspended guillotine: U.S. public pensions – A simple explanation. (Article)

Summer jobs for kids are going extinct? (Report) (Kids aren’t allowed to work cheap anymore.)

Diving under Antarctica, with photos. (Article)

Trump wants solar cells on his border wall? (Report)  (How about adding them to slogan-bearing baseball caps?)

The Supreme Court: Is Justice Kennedy’s seat about to go up for grabs? (Article) (Rumor mill on high)

Sexism confuses the Left? (Article) (The Humpty Dumpty school of word meanings)

A news crew’s truck was stolen while they worked a crime story? (Report) (Reality show, unintended)

CNN retracted a story linking President Trump with Russia? (Report) (How tweet it is …)

The California legislature stalled its onrushing universal healthcare bill; somebody noticed the absence of necessary funding? (Report) (California is more realistic than Washington?)

Chicago: 8 killed, 49 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked man was arrested in Lake City, AR after finding it “hard to explain” his condition. (Report)

And this it was, this week …


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