GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannQatar, cut from trade and diplomacy by its neighbors led by the Saudis over allegations of terrorism support and a too friendly posture toward Iran and notably not accused if its plan to compete with established energy powers using its immense natural gas reserve, has hired a Bush Administration former U.S. Attorney General’s law firm to represent it. $2.5 M for the first 90 days, we hear.

Pakistan: A man was sentenced to death for a “blasphemous” Facebook post. (Report) (The peace of Islam)

Atlantic City: Stabilizing after a year of state financial control? (Article) (A gamble …)

Does the Trump Administration want to take control of voting from the states? (Article)

Add the auto industry to overvalued real estate and stocks balloons awaiting a sharp prick from reality to pop. (Article) (For the same reasons: Government injected financial inflammation)

Increase inflation to juice up a flaccid Federal Reserve? (Article) (The usual suspects want to accelerate the devaluation of our money)

Cyberwarfare: Update (Article)

Puerto Rico’s vote for statehood was marred by a record low turnout. (Article) (As a state, it could compete with Illinois?)

Will Illinois be the first state to go bankrupt? (Report)

Does slowing lending really predict coming recession? (Article) (We dunno; guess we’ll find out)

Household debt in the light of (cold, cold) reality…. (Article)

The war on cash: Banks have joined in designing a new cash replacement? (Report)

Venezuela: The Catholic Church has joined the opponents of the repressive socialist government? (Report) (Clergy not against socialism, just against that socialism, right?)

Illegal alien amnesty for minors started under Obama is continuing under Trump? (Report)

Expected pensions will not be paid to the next wave of retirees? (Report) (The money isn’t there)

A newspaper that endorsed Trump (one of six) writes of the experience. (Article) (Telling …)

500 imprisoned cats were destined for restaurants, per their Chinese catnapper. (Report)

The European Union is opening legal cases against Hungary, Poland and others refusing to accept the mandated numbers of Muslim refugees arriving in Italy, France, Germany and elsewhere. (Report)

Obamacare: 47 counties offer no coverage next year; over 2 million patients will find only one insurer? (Report) (Trump’s fault for failing to force Obama to a better design?)

Russia, China, Korea: Update (Article)

The immigrant refugees refused by Australia are accepted in the U.S. per an Obama agreement continued by Trump? (Report)

North Korea: The pathetic, useless story of the imprisoned U.S. student sent home in a year long, persistent coma after tearing down a political poster as a member of a tour group. (Report) (We believe he’s coming home brain dead, as for the rest …)

The wars: Update on the unbelievable cost of modern ammo. (Article)

Hearing aids much cheaper via Senator Elizabeth Warren’s bill freeing them for over the counter sales? (Report) (A great idea, apparently opposed because Warren is a sponsor) (Not because the aid industry would lose its sales monopoly?)

Venezuela: A top opposition politician has “disappeared,” apparently while in government hands. (Report)  (An old South American custom, right?

The United Nations wants to give copyright protection to cultural values/cultural intellectual property. (Report) (The inmates have been running that place for years, whenever they’re not busy stealing from it.)

Illinois notified roadwork contractors to halt work over insufficient money to pay them. (Report)

Vladimir Putin offered James Comey political asylum. (Report) (Who says ex KGB thugs lack humor?)

Hawaii’s legislature is supporting “universal basic income”? (Report) (The state is keeping the Paris ‘global warming’ agreement, too.) (Will the state still receive the Federal bailout funds to pay for it all?)

New York City: A new “jobs plan” is hyped to create 100,000 job? (Report) (Hmnn … How much will that cost NYC taxpayers?)

Federal tax collections in May hit a new record but deficits still loom? (Report)

Afghanistan: 4000 additional troops added by Trump? (Article) (As deficits roll)

Will drones replace U.S. Air Force pilots? (Report) (Maybe after the ex-flyboy AF generals are gone)

Chicago: 6 killed, 37 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after running down a Fayetteville, AR street. (Report)

We hope that’s enough … it ought to be …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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