GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannA large helping from a busy week:

The corruption: Why are some Congressfolk resolutely defending IT techie villains who have fled the country to escape justice? (Article) (Conspiracy or corruption? You decide)

Fox News will fire Hannity next week? (Report) (Allegedly for coverage of Democratic staffer Seth Green’s murder) (Saturday: Hasn’t happened yet, fake news?)

Chicago: Leading the nation in population shrinkage? (Article) (Government Progressive)

Trump’s budget is political posturing, not serious. (Article) (Some useful facts)

The corruption: How Congressfolk buy their committee places? (Article) (Hmn …)

U.S. home prices: Is the current rise an increase in property value or an increase in available dollars instead? (Report)

Mexico: Update – Pipeline fuel theft, drugs, violence and corruption (Article)

Space: Update on Chinese space stations. (Article)

The economy: Per capita Federal taxes have more than doubled since John Kennedy was president? (Report)

Venezuela: Are the U.S. media ignoring this collapse of socialism? (Article)

Falling off a lawnmower in an intersection resulted in DUI charges against the driver.

Science: A new study resulted in leukemia remission. (Report)

The climate: The Arctic has warmed before? (Report)

The economy: Common sense notice that subtracting total unrepayable debt from totaled asset prices might not leave much … And it’s what happens when enough folk notice that the debt won’t be repaid. (Article)

Britain’s E.U. exit: The Eurocrats want the U.K. to pay through the nose and accept an E.U. relative as the umpire. (Article) (Divorces are like that))

Syria: Update Article) (ISIS shrinks, Iran is impeded, Kurds advance, Assads holding)

Science: Men’s and women’s brains differ (Report) (Who knew?)

China: Moody’s downgrade of China’s credit discussed (Article) (China has debt too)

Illinois: The state’s debt rating was downgraded to one step above junk. (Report) (“Who has ears to hear, let hi har”)

Canada: More debt (Report) (World finance is a row of hollow dominos?)

Venezuela: Government troops attacked reporters trying to cover a demonstration. (Report) (Statist paradise must be shown to work or else) (Is Soros helping Venezuela too?)

Science: A third detection of gravity waves (from a massive black hole merger) (Report)

The culture: The U.S. was just ranked the 114th most peaceful nation. (Report) (Hmnn …)

More Science: Injections of young blood may help fight cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease … (Report) (Well, it could boost aging immune systems but we notice it says: ”may.”

Military mismanagement: The U.S. Air Force wasted the wong bombs/tactics on ISIS for months. (Report) (And now spends billions to replace wasted specialized ammo)

More questions ignored in the Seth Rich murder? (Report) (The Democratic National Committee leakerS)

Google faces a huge E.U. fine for alleged favoring of its own shopping service over its competitors? (Report)

Puerto Rico: Increasing emigration fuels economic collapse? (Report) (North America’s little Venezuela shaping up?)

Connecticut: When “Tax the rich” runs out … (Article)

Ex-Pres Obama’s brother Malik shared a photo of Barak’s Kenyan birth certificate? (Report) (Will anyone notice?)

Still more science: Instantly rechargeable batteries may come from a new tech discovery. (Report)

Healthcare: An entirely new method for pain relief has been found. (Report)

More corruption: A Deutsche Bank trader admitted rigging precious metals markets? (Article)

Corruption again: A Labor union spent $20 M more on politics (mostly helping Democrats) than it spent representing its members. (Report)

California: The Governor’s budget includes millions to protect illegal immigrants? (Report) (They’re more deserving than California citizens?)

Unemployment approaches a historic low, so why aren’t wages rising? (Article)

The Obamas bought an $8 M home in Washington. (Report) (Not bad after 8 years on a President’s salary)

U.S. Economic growth of last 10 years matches growth in the 1930s depression? (Article)

The economy: 25% of Americans can’t pay monthly bills; 40% lack $400 in cash.

Inside the So-Called Resistance” cleverly analyzes the current anti-Trump program of the Left. (Article)

Korea: Update (Article)

The corruption: A (D FL) Representative used $12k of campaign funds to pay his wife? (Report)

A new Russian jet is pioneering an advance in carbon tech. (Report)

Sudan: Update (Article)

Space: The X 37B  U.S. Air Force mystery space plane update. (Article)

Israel: President Trump decided against keeping his earlier promise to move the U.S. Embassy to Israel’s capital Jerusalem. (Report)

Cjitizens’ 401 k retirement plans are reportedly under evaluation in Congress as new revenue sources to offset expected tax relief. (Report)

Tesla: Some lenders to Tesla will be repaid with stock instead of money. (Report) (Another taxpayer subsidized boondoggle on financial skids?)

Barcelona and Utrecht have joined Helsinki in the experimental test of guaranteed basic income that the Swiss voted down in February. (Report) (Perennial triumph of hope over experience?)

The climate: “Nature” editorial on the exit from the Paris climate agreement. (A leading science journal)

The culture: A young male beat an apparently random 91 year old man on the sidewalk. (Report)

More culture: A disgruntled Augusta citizen forced closure on city hall by dumping a cupful of live bedbugs there. (Report)

The Top CIA Iran agent was outed by the New York Times because it disliked his policies? (Report)

Flying affordable class (Economy) has become unpleasant and will be worse? (Report)

How the Federal Reserve killed saving in the U.S. (Article) (And has eliminated pension plans, too)

The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to increase sanctions against North Korea. (Report) (China, Russia on board; no media “attaboys” for Trump?)

Chicago: 4,368 people were shot in 2016.

A naked woman was arrested for punching a San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputy. (Report)

And that’s all there is, there isn’t any more …

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