What’s Next For The Islamic Terrorists?

Islamic TerrorISIS and many other Muslim thugs around the world are in retreat; the Afghan Taliban now earn a living as muscle for the drug gangs. Terrorists have worn out their welcomes in many places. Will peace follow?

Well, perhaps after Arabs, Iranians, Kurds, Bedouins, Berbers etc. respect each other and admit that Sunni, Shia and other versions of Islam should be tolerated along with Christians, Yazdis Jews and the rest. Not soon. But the thuggery usually has declined for a while when the locals have clamped down.

And anyway, Muslims divide the world between Dar al Islam where Muslims run things and Dar al Harb where anyone else is in charge. Dar al Harb translates “the house of war” if we understand correctly. Good Muslims have a duty to bring those who dwell outside into the peace of Islam, willing or not. Today’s Western politicians and media prefer not to notice that.

Another issue that they like to overlook: There are two sorts of Islamic terrorism. The best known sort is represented by the al Qaeda 9/11 attack in New York: The faithful against the infidels. But such has been pretty rare redently in comparison to terrorism against fellow Muslims at home. Many of these last amount to attempts at revolution; the terrorist simply wish to replace their current government with themselves. They just use Allah as an excuse. That underlies ISIS, though it pretends to greater ambitions as well. That is what is occurring in Syria at the moment, now complicated by big power politics. It is many of these that are winding down.

That winding down leaves the jihadists with two choices: Find new local employment or find instead some means for carrying on without antagonizing the locals. ISIS is leading a parade of internet marketing of jihad, recruiting the nuts and the disaffected where they live in the West, then training, supplying and directing them to carry out attacks. Cheaper by far, much safer and it keeps things cool at home since foreign infidels elsewhere do the suffering. Even better, it draws more publicity than mayhem in Iraq or Syria. What’s not to like? Murder a few French in Paris, then some Britons in Manchester and voila: worldwide publicity. All that for the price of some supplies and training, produced by a few jihadi internet geeks. The targeted West encourages it by welcoming hordes of Muslim refugees that enlarge the supply of potential agents in place. Allahu akbar!

Finally, the present determination of Muslim governors to stamp out Islamic terrorism will, as it always has done, decline to merely lip service when the threat becomes exclusively offshore. Few have bothered to mention that the preponderance of Islamic terrorism these days also originates in Saudi money and Pakistani and Iranian policy. President Trump’s charge last week that Islamic terrorism must be resolved by the Muslims is true. It was seen in the West as overdue. And no doubt it was seen by Muslims as funny.

Thus, as Islamic terrorism declines in Muslim places at the cost of Western lives and treasure, it seems likely to accelerate in Europe and North America. The opportunity is simply too great to resist. No doubt too, it will have added appeal as a response to the decades of destructive Western meddling in Muslim places. As it is said: “What goes around …”

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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