GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannSeven days of data, some of it news:

The incestuous nature of U.S. politics peeps through some cracks? (Report)

The United Nations added Saudi Arabia to its Commission on Womens’ Rights? (Report) (Sorry, couldn’t find a laugh track …)

Will the Left bring blood to the streets as its Berkeley attacks fizzle? (Report)  (Your guess)

U.S. middle class collapse in two simple graphs (Very short article)

Last week’s multi city U.S. power outage blamed on cyber attack likely resulted from a geomagnetic storm originated on the sun. (Report) (It wasn’t the Russians?)

South/North Korea: Update (Article)

Trump’s budget eliminates 19 Federal agencies? (Report) (Like those 5,000 lawyers on the seabed –a good start) (But it’s just posturing unless Congress goes for it, right?)

How did New York Governor Cuomo make $780,000 from a book that sold 3,000 copies? (Report)

Spontaneous street riots require a lot of planning, organizing and money. (Report)

San Francisco restaurants struggle at intersection of food and politics.” (Article) (Minimum wage menus)

Chicago: After violent weekend, the city nears 1,000 victims this year. (Report)

Marijuana should follow alcohol with repeal of prohibition, for the same reasons. (Article)

Trump’s tax cut will drop corporate rate to 15%, boost debt by $2 Trillion? (Report) (Hmnn …)

Senator Shumer (D, NY)  attacks Breitbart News. (Article) (Would add censorship to the Left’s street violence and boycotts?)

The Economy: Reality sucks under Trump as it did under Obama. (Article) (The rest is propaganda)

Iraq: Update; oil, Kurds and Iran (Long Article)

European Union: Lawmakers voted to make You Tube fight “hate speech.” (Report) (More government censors)

The Culture: Some 50 teens mobbed an Oakland subway car, beat and robbed passengers. (Report)

More Culture: Up to 60 girls brawled at a Florida mall. (Report)

Still More Culture: A shooter fired at a Texas sheriff’s deputy’s children, home and car in an apparently retaliatory attack.  (Report)

Trump: Dumped economics for politics with his 20%  Canadian lumber tariff. (Article) (U.S. wood will cost more)

India/Pakistan: Update (Long Articled) (Pakistan still pushes Islamic terror and relies on China)

Venezuela: Short update(As the economy falls, murder rises)

Eating saturated fats isn’t really bad for you? (Report)

Solar rechargeable battery tech breakthrough (Report)

Canada’s housing bubble: Big lender goes “Pop!” (Article) (Hope it’s not catching …)

Triump’s individual tax plan will have 3 tax brackets? (Report) (When did taxes and spending get divorced?)

Mortgage lender will ignore student loans for evaluating millennials’ credit? (Report) (No worries – it’s Fannie Mae, so expect the taxpayer to hold the bag)

Pilotless landings on US Navy carriers have arrived? (Article)

Turkey sent its army against Kurds in Syria, shelling Syrian villages. (Report) U.S. troops are being deployed to the area. (Report)

A funeral home was set afire by an exceptionally obese body. (Report) (Burning fat warning)

Brazil: Will it follow Venezuela’s path as its economic recession proceeds? (Opinion) The natives are shooting real arrows at the government.

3D Printing: Now, an entire building (Report) (Add that to printing body parts, metal assemblies and an unceasing flow of new items with a broadening range of materials.)

Science Breakthrough: Human DNA has been isolated from ancient cave sediments, asserting the presence of Neanderthals and Denisovans in places where no bones or tools have been found. (Report)

More Science: A mathematician has created a valid mathematical model for time travel. (Report) (But materials science lags)

Still more science: People have lived in North America much longer than previously thought, per a new study. (Report)

Wikileaks: Trump favorite while campaigning, now a target? Ron Paul interviews Julian Assange (Video)

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement): Games being played by Congress? (Article)

Transportation: World’s first London – China railroad train completed its first run. (Report)

A reasonable if gloomy view of the early Trump Administration (Article)

Chicago: 7 dead, 31 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked woman seen riding on the back of a motorcycle was arrested. (Report)

And so it went …

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