GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAnother week’s worth:

Immigration: 30 countries refuse to accept their criminals deported by the U.S. as illegal aliens. However, the U.S. continues to accept visitors/immigrants from them. (Report) (You bought it, you own  it, right?)

The economy: Updated scary analysis/prediction from President Reagan’s budget director. (Article)

The culture: Western decline and its results explained by a Danish keen observer, (interview)

Massive voter fraud exposed: 18 million invalid voters, 2 million dead. (Video report)

More culture: Reality report on transsexual bathroom boogie (Report) (Illusion feels good; reality just sucks)

The culture: Groups of black teens brawled in a Philadelphia subway. (Report) (Government dependence seems a poor substitute for a culture?)

Another women’s athletic event won by a man: A ‘transgender’ contestant won a women’s weight lifting competition. (Report) (Women’s sports – and Title IX – are now a bad joke?)

The U.S. will boycott the U.N. Human Rights Council as it adopts anti-Israel resolutions. (Report) (Another reversal of Obama policy)

The border tax grift: Taxing imports to protect U.S. manufacturers is a ploy debunked in 1776 by Adam Smith; an attempted return to mercantilism. (Report)

The culture: Chicago teen gang raped on Facebook live? (Report)

The Internet: Twitter suspended some 630 k accounts over “extremism” (Report) (We may have a free internet or a censored internet. Neither is perfect; pick one …)

More culture: A U.K. transgender rapist was transferred to a women’s prison. (Report) (Never mind, it’s politically correct, isn’t it?)

California legislators threatened contractors bidding on Trump’s border wall (Report) (Politics trumps economics again?)

Israel: Will evacuate its borders when the next war erupts. (Report) (As missiles improve)

CIA bugs factory fresh I-phones, per Wikileaks (Report) (What can happen – will happen, right?)

The Internet: Federal regulators are again pursuing government control of internet content? (Report)

Dying Americans leave an average of $62,000 in debt? (Report) (Why shrouds lack pockets?)

North Korea is the world’s biggest bank robber? $81 M stolen from the New York Fed … (Report)

Greece: Debt is massive, is exiting the E.U. in sight again? (Report) ((f the Germans won’t support you anymore, take the E.U.’s money and run?)

Paid leave to care for a new puppy? Available from 3 employers (Report) (And folks wonder why work goes to China?)

Libya: Update (Article)

The U.S. surveillance state is with us, to believe otherwise is wishful thinking? (Report)

The economy: Why government intervention is destructive (Article) (And why the politicians choose to rely on Keynesian economists)

Cancer detection and location is the reported result of a new blood test (Report) (And before symptoms appear … a huge gain if it holds up)

The U.S. imports coal ash from abroad while its utilities struggle to dispose of it. (Report)

Dental implant failure can now be reduced (Report)

Chickened Out: World’s No. 1 and No.2 chicken farmers (Brazil/U.S.) are down. (Report) (U.S. bird flu and new scandal in Brazil)

Healthcare House Vote: This brings out the uniparty nature of Washington D.C? (Article)

Thhe economy: In 24 states at least 50% of newborns are financed via Medicaid. (Report) (72% in New Mexico)

 U.K. internet censorship looms: Google, Facebook etc. threatened with prosecution for allowing “extremist” content to be published on the web. (Report) (What’s “extremist” and who decides?)

The culture: At a Canadian mosque, a visiting imam’s sermon called for killing Jews. (Report)

The economy: Robots could replace 38% of jobs within 15 years. (Report)

A Florida man was cited for standing in the middle of a busy street, eating pancakes. (Report)

The culture: A woman assaulted a cop arresting her and her partner for public sex. (Report)

 India: Update (Article) (Outlawing cash accelerates decline?)

The culture: Guests panic as pig-masked gunmen rob Bellagio’s Rolex store. (Video)

Behind the politicians are those who actually run government; who are they? (Article)

Chicago: 2 dead, 13 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked man was arrested in the middle of an intersection. (Report)


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