GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur latest accumulation:

As March 15th approaches, government finance is a zero sum game? (Article) (Not really – governments seldom run out of taxpayers’ money)

The economy: Tent cities of homeless are expanding in California, unaddressed by (mostly Democrat) officials. (Are some homeless more homeless than others?)

Tortured transport tech: WAZE etc programs force cities to clog residential streets in self defense. (Too many cars + Driverless cars = the end of private car ownership?)

More culture: Marines shared pics of naked female colleagues fully identified on a secret Facebook page. (Report) (Of course; who did not expect such when mixing boys with girls?)

Syria: Update (Article) (U.S. and Russia, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and a civil war)

The culture & The Economy: Today, explained in one article (With an uncomfortable implied future for readers of history)

E.U. Finance: One illusion away from dissolution? (Article)

The culture: The New York Ties urged IRS workers to illegally leak Trump’s tax returns? (Report) (A newspaper urging criminal behavior?)

Trump quietly extended work and welfare benefits for a group of illegal immigrants. (Report)

The Pentagon blocked cost overrun publication re its new LCS ships. (Report) (These Littoral Combat Ships are the Navy’s troubled, costly equivalent of the Air Force’s troubled F-35?)

Illegal immigrants are suing over their pay for cleaning their own prison housing. (Why do they receive wages for cleaning their own housing?)

A Romanian lawmaker proposed commuting the sentences of politicians imprisoned for corruption. (Report) (Hmnn… Wonder why Romania is so poor?)

CIA assassinations by hacking car computers per Wikileaks’ latest. (Report) ((t was just an unfortunate accident, right?)

Brazil: Enduring the worst economy in its history

The culture: Over 100 teen flash mob trashed Philadelphia (Report)

More culture: A teen posted his stabbing of a 9 year old for an internet snuff movie. (Report)

Still more culture: A North Carolina teen was arrested for decapitating his mother. (Report)

Iraq: Pro-Iran mob scenes from Shiite Ayatollah Sadr are increasing (Report)

Samsung’s ‘Smart TVs’ enable government surveillance, per Wikileaks (Report)

Exxon Mobil will spend billions increasing its U.S. refining capacity  (Report) (A huge win for fracking plus Trump’s deregulation?)

Death looks different via brain scans; brain activity may proceed for a while (Article)

Biggest hacker of all: Government – And it wants everyone vulnerable (Article)

China: Political/Economic update  (Long Article) (NB: Magnitude of Chin’s debt overhang)

31 bipartisan senators have asked for more foreign workers to replace blue collar Americans? (Report)

The propaganda: U.S. debt decreased $60 B.    Treasury asks debt limit raise. (Are we confused yet?)

The naked girl marines photos ‘scandal’ has now extended to the entire military. (Report) (We wonder what the bureaucrats think is going on in the newly opened high school/college athletic facilities?)

Mona Lisa’s smile has been decoded; scientists say she’s happy. (They say the earth is warming, too …)

The culture: Collegians’ spring break has morphed into Dionysian or perhaps more Sodom/Gomorrah revels? (Report)

Federal Reserve interest rate hikes loom per Wall Street bank. (Article) (They have Trump to catch the backblast)

South Korea removed its president for corruption (Report) (Unimpressive: Our Dems want to remove Trump before he’s had time for corruption)

Doctors in training just returned to old 23 hours/day and 80 hours/week maximum work standards. (Report)

The culture: Video shows man brutally beaten on Manhattan sidewalk as people pass by. (Report)

The culture: A New York judge awarded custody of a boy to each of his three parents. (Report) (Court restores polygamy?)

Dogs are smarter (and sneakier) than we suppose, scientists report

U.S. infrastructure is in worse shape than though? (Report) (Better than government finances, though)

Economy improving? Not for restaurants (Report) Economy better: Jobs, wages improving (Report) (Can we believe anyone these days?)

Replacing Obamacare: The real (unstated) worry … (Cartoon)

Chicago weekend shootings: 1 dead, 22 wounded (Is peace breaking out? Or is ammo getting expensive?)

Naked brothers minus clothes, plus magic mushrooms terrorized an Indiana apartment building

And so went the wek that was…..

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