A Trumped-Up Presidency?

trump-snake-oilWashington D.C. has come from a national side show to be America’s preeminent theater, albeit the silliness of its productions has grown as well. President Calvin Coolidge said the chief business of the American people was business; today’s politicians and today’s mainstream media act as though it is or at least should be, politics. Further, a politics assembled and handed ready made to the people by those same politicians and their enablers. This shift is a necessary distraction from American business that no longer supports a majority of the population in middle class comfort and security.

It is difficult to distract folk from reality for long; sooner or later they notice their changing condition and in response, elect a Donald Trump, a stated enemy of the smugly status quo. Or so he says, anyway. But it is all just part of the show. The script has to introduce the next hero to carry the story when the last one falls to merely human levels; the new savior enters from stage left or right as needed to distance him from the now too familiar predecessor who have been seen to fail his earlier promise.

President Trump has appointed Education and Environmental secretaries to the disdain of the Democrats, maintaining his station as a hero bent upon change. Never mind that he has appointed three generals and a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats from the status quo to run things.

President Trump said he will resolve the current overspending/debt problem while he “rebuilds” the U.S. military with a 10% budget increase, though the U.S. spends 8 times more on its military than do the next 8 countries combined already. The President plans to ask Congress for $1 trillion to spend on construction and repair of U.S. bridges, roads and other infrastructure and to date, his loudly denounced immigration raids and deportations have not reached the level observed under the Obamafolk. Meanwhile, U.S. troops are now in Syria; we suppose it has become more efficient for a President to decide upon foreign wars than it used to be when they had to await action from Congress.  This will have to be financed too; the last we heard, a single airstrike cost $2.5 million. It all seems increasingly familiar, rather as things did under President Obama when he more or less continued his predecessor’s military policies after having complained of them when running for office.

So we are apparently getting a lot of same old, same old from the allegedly swamp-draining  new broom. Along with some obvious changes. Israel is back to an ally rather than a target. Other than that, Obamacare is proceeding normally on its unsustainable path, about to be replaced rather than eliminated. U.S. war proceeds in the Middle East and Central Asia, the debt and deficits continue and we are distracted by politicians accusing each other of loving the Russians and of tapping telephones. In today’s world, senior U.S. politicians deal with Russians and with lots of others while most governments listen to everyone they can reach when it suits them; it’s just too easy to abjure. Just as many politicians, not just Mrs. Clinton, use private email services. Ask V.P. Pence.

Simply, the U.S. economy and politicians are too heavily invested in each other to permit rapid, significant changes and new faces are used to anesthetize voter pain with hope while the slowly changing beat lumbers on. That is what the two party system has become, essentially a cosmetic. The Donald is just the latest shade of the makeup, needed when the old shades were becoming unfashionable.

What spooks us is the totalitarianism developing on the Left, an attitude that seems to channel the thinking of the old Soviets: We will run things for your good, we know what is needed better than you and we will see that you receive it, wanted or not. And if you disagree, you will be fired, boycotted, beaten, silenced and we suppose sooner or later, jailed and/or executed. A new and well financed putsch, organized, ongoing and antithetical to everything intended by Americas’ Founders. This seems a natural evolution of the two party system in a massive government apparatus. Though we hope not….

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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