GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour selected helping of planetary events, reports and nonsense:

Senate approvals of Trump appointments are lagging under GOP leadership? (Report) (Yup)

High tech (relatively) hiding in ancient Egypt (Report) (Stone working we can’t match today …)

Science: Reflecting the ongoing corruption of Western culture? (Study) (A perennial historical cycle?)

The new Democratic National Committee Chairman helped dump Bernie Sanders? (Report)

Is Turkey making a move on the Syrian Kurds? (Report) A Turkish attack was repelled by Syrian Kurds. (Report)

The climate: Some scientists now suggest that increasing CO2 is a result of warming, not its cause. (Article) (Would make baloney of all the anti-carbon policies and taxes)

National Debt Doomsday March 15th? (Article) A financial heads up from President Reagan’s Budget Director ) Meanwhile in Europe: Another debt bomb smoulders. (Article)

Korea: South Korea preparing to catch the North as it falls? (China won’t like that ..)

The culture: Travel control enhanced with eye scanning … (Article) (You’re not going aboard until the Feds approve.)

The culture: International bankers’ corruption surfaces massively. (Article) (Surely the U.S. is different?)

Russia: A military/economic update. (Article)

Montenegro and Russia dancing silently in the shadows…. (Article)

Wendy’s is replacing workers with machines at 1000 locations. (Report) (Making hamburgers great again?)

New York Teamsters: Victims of the first pension fund to go broke currently, deprive pensioners. (Report) (Many more to follow …)

The scary state of volcano monitoring in the U.S. (Article) (Channeling the Oroville Dam …)

Amazon’s eastern cloud services rained problems upon subscribers (Report) (Too many eggs in one basket syndrome?) Reportedly, human error was responsible. (Will computers solve this problem by abolishing humans?)

The culture: Chemistry now tells us how much pee is in the swimming pool … (Report) (If you really wish to know …)

Ex Prez Obama’s intent to become the anti-president was clarified as his close White House advisor Valerie Jarrett moved into his Washington home. (Report)

The culture: 3 teens (14 – 17) were arrested after a series of armed robberies/carjackings. (Report)

The climate: The U.S. western snowpack is too deep for scientists’ equipment to measure. (Report)

Government services: Flint, MI residents still must pay for water that they can’t drink. (Report)

A Visa needed for travel to Europe? (Report)

Small drone defenses update (Report) (They work, but they’re not really available) (How about an umbrella?)

Syria: The U.S. military is operating to protect the Kurds? (Report) (We guess the Prez doesn’t need Congress to invade places anymore?)

A man died under six tons of porn magazines? (Report)

People won’t explore space much for a while: Update on radiation protection of astronauts. (Report)

A woman was cremated while still alive. (Report) (It’s only news because it wasn’t ISIS)

A hundred tourists fled a Spanish restaurant without paying. (Report)

U.S. military spending exceeds that of the next 8 countries combined? (Report) (So why does the Prez want to increase it on borrowed money..?)

A lie denying meeting Russians: By Dem Senator McCaskill, not the GOP’s Sessions. (Report) The Obamafolk set up a meeting with the Russian Ambassador for Sessions. (Report) And Nancy Pelosi lied about meeting the Russian Ambassador in 2010? (Report)  (Seems the Russian meets nearly everybody, all the time … But it’s news only when Sessions does it?)  (We don’t need Hollywood for screwball comedies anymore….)

CNN accused again of fake news – by the Russians! (Report)

The economy: Why is the cost of living so unaffordable? (Short article) (Seems true, so far as it goes – but ignores Congressional enabling, we think)

Afghanistan/Pakistan – Update (Article)

The Arab culture: An update/analysis (Long article) (Helps explain the Middle East)

Uber lost a U.K. court decision to old London cab interests (regulators). (We won’t let newfangled cars replace our horses?)

Turkey: On low boil as referendum giving President Erdogan super power approaches (Report)

Fly naked next? TSA airport searches will be more invasive … (Report)

How governments are confiscating everyone’s wealth while few notice (Short article)

The culture: How big business actually operates (Article)

More culture: College students as the new totalitarians? (Report)

Technology: Update on naval warfare developments (Article)

The climate: Will a Trump executive order reverse Obama’s Paris global warming agreement? (Report) (A campaign promise, but an Administration split is developing?)

A naked high school administrator was displayed on the internet by five students. (Report)

Which ought to do for one week.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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