How Will Congress Receive President Trump Tomorrow? (Pie In The Face, Or Not?)

pie-in-faceWill Democrats disrupt President Trumps’ address to Congress? Will the GOP majority allow it? We’ll know tomorrow, as the Prez appears before Congress to outline his program. Previous Democrats have demanded decorum for this; we’ll see how the current crop behaves. And how far any misbehavior is allowed to go by the Republicans now in charge. From there, we’ll know.

We’ll know whether we still have a constitutional government, or only a good cop/bad cop pairing of self-interested elites masquerading as political parties to serve themselves. Trump is an insider, a charter member of the American elite; his is opposed only because he is self-anointed, not selected by the powers that be. He ignored the script and rose up to give the deplorables a choice. No real choice, he is as elite as any and his cabinet is already full of generals. But he didn’t stand in line until he was recognized; he is attacked now mostly because he bucked the designated line and the mighty aren’t sure what he will do. Or of whom he will approve to do it. Such cheek is unacceptable in today’s America.

So far, he has divided between reassuring the nervous with appointments of insiders such as the generals and the anointing of known (I.E.  insiders) opponents as with the E.P.A. and education. Very unsettling to the mighty.

If the Prez is shouted down in Congress tomorrow, we will know that the establishmet is willing to make the United States Constitutionally ungovernable in pursuit of their goals. Their individual, personal goaols, mind you. That will show that both parites –or both ends of the uniparty- are in on it.

The saving grace if there is one, is the bald fact hat Trump was elected. Votes still mean something. That must be dismaying to many of the established, or the heretofore established as events proceed to show us is the actual case.

President “over my dead body” Trump will show us tomorrow whether:

  1. He has taken over from the status quo and we are on a new path, or
  2. He is a shill to appease the deplorables and our path is largely unchanged, or
  3. He is there to hold President Herbert Hoover’s bag, paving the way for those even more Left than he to assume power for the longer term.

Of course, we may see a mix of these relatively clear cut alternatives, leaving us to ponder a murky future. Certainty in matters political, usually appears after the fact. Regardless, tomorrow’s presidential address to Congress may be of more interest for its decorum than for its content seems to us.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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