A Pope, A Chancellor and Islam While Smoking

pope-islamPope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have both stated explicitly that Muslim terrorism does not exist. They aren’t crazy, just being dishonest in what appears to them a justifying cause. (We suppose, anyway.) They and many media sources peddle the idea that all the murder, torture and destruction at Muslim hands during shouts of: “Allahu akbar” are not a result of Islamic teachings; they are just acts of mistaken or crazy extremists. We should respect Islam and treat Muslims just as we treat anyone else, at least until they pull a knife.

In Chancellor Merkel’s case, we suppose there are more Muslims voting in Germany than we had thought. As for His Holiness, we looked up “Jesuitical” in our dictionary again and it still appears to fit the situation. You may google it for a definition if you wish. Perhaps the Roman Cardinals held off electing a Jesuit Pope until now for some reason, not by accident? Or not, we can’t know. And Francis, trying to hold his church together over the tumultuous seas of present social and legal changes has a desperate task on his hands. We wish him well with it; whatever his methods, he embodies desired human progress. Though we wonder whether his current track will produce what he craves….

Islam was originally spread by lopping off the heads of the unconverted and it justified that as Allah’s work. Since then, it has consistently produced varying numbers of murderous terrorists sufficient to meet the conditions of time and place without cessation and those have always received approval and support from the majority of the faithful until said faithful felt themselves threatened, whereupon the enthusiasm declined for a while. The militancy of Islam plus the historical corruption that mires related societies in poverty have provided enduring motives for approving the brave young fanatics who aspire to both cleanse and spread the faith. That is historical reality, unchanging to date. Reality as usual, sucks. And remains reality….

The overwhelming masses of Muslims have had enough challenge in living their lives and avoided participating in terrorism themselves but their tacit approval tends to arise when their wealthy compatriots start again to fund Allah’s warriors, especially when the fight will be elsewhere.

Which leaves the Holy Father and the Chancellor whistling Dixie while smoking whatever it is that they are smoking….

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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