GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannHelp yourself:

Mexico: With some 10% of its population (and too many voting?) in the U.S. we need much more attention to this neighbor’s effects on the U.S.)The Mexican President sought yesterday to protect Mexicans from a life in Mexico? (Report)

The Alt-Left is trying to make the U.S. ungovernable for Trump? (Article)

A German cardinal was criticized for repeating long settled Roman Catholic doctrine. (It isn’t only US voters who are fractured … will we see a new Wittenburg ?)

Trump’s immigrant deportations fuss: Why no equal fuss for Obama deportations?  (He set a new record … quietly) Mexico’s foreign minister announced that so far, there has been no increase in the number of Mexicans deported from the US.  (Report)  (So why the sudden media fuss?  Hmnn …)

A less hysterical view of the fuss: Deportations remain unchanged? (Short article)

A new, liberal tea party forming? (Not only Republicans are split)

Disney’s Magic Kingdom will cost ‘$107/day? (Report) (Good there’s no inflation, right?)

The climate: A French socialist presidential candidate has invited all U.S. climate scientists worried over President Trump’s views to relocate to France … (Report)

Germany: A pro-Russian was elected as the new president.(Looking toward E.U. breakup?)

Peru: Ex President Toledo is on the lam over taking millions in bribes?  (Report)

Government: Ignored 12 year old warnings about failing Oroville dam.

Trump faces a choice on world finance; how will he decide? (Article) (A warning)

Forecasting the Federal Reserve (Article) (Inflation?)

German wholesale prices up 4% (Report)  U.S. inflating? (Report) (Or maybe it’s time to admit it …)

E.U. gears up against U.S. protectionism

Outlawing mandatory human micro chipping is proposed by a Nevada senator. (Report)  (Hmnn – Murphy isn’t in charge anymore?)

The culture: A prenup for sex tapes may save you from revenge porn? (Report)

Get out of the stock market now? (Report) (Playing with loaded dice …)

States that burden more career entry with license requirements also suffer higher rates of re-offending by felons? (Study)

The new Pentagon chief: NATO allies must boost military spending. (Report)  (Gotta fund a new war?)

Bald men: A genetic marker for male pattern baldness has been identified. (Report)

A federal court has been asked to enjoin the CIA, NSA and others from spying on the Trump Administration? (Report)

U.S. spies are keeping information from President Trump?  (Report)

A Mexican presidential candidate held a campaign rally in Los Angeles. (Report) (Media silence)

Did 2.1 million Hispanics vote illegally in the presidential election?  (Report of Study)

Amazon has a $600 million CIA contract, but the Washington Post doesn’t seem to know of it … though both are owned by Jeff Bezos. (Report)

Half of families text each other when in the same house? (Report)

The Los Angeles Mayor was accused of hiding police reports to obscure rising crime statistics? (Report)

The Catholic Church is splitting along with Western society?  (Article)

The German government advised parents to destroy their daughters’’ Cayla Dolls for fear of hacking.

Household debt is returning to 2008 levels, a scary statistic. (Report)

“The Eurozone isn’t working.”  Per ex Fed. Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan. (Report)

Bad memories have been identified and deleted from memory in mice. (Report)

The culture: Virgin sex robots are to offer themselves … (Report)

Chicago: 6 dead, 27 wounded in weekend shootings

A naked woman was arrested for dancing in the street. (Report)

And that ought to be enough …


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