CNN Makes Itself A Target

cnn-newsWe enjoyed the irony in seeing cable TV “news” source CNN expelled from socialist Venezuela and condemned by President Trump at essentially the same time. In the first instance, the crime was providing truth that contradicted government propaganda; for the second, it was for “fake news.”

So does CNN tell truth elsewhere and lie at home? We decided to consider that. In Venezuela, CNN is a foreigner, competing with natives for attention. In a socialist environment of course, the news is “encouraged” to promote the government line when it is not owned outright by the government. So an outsider like CNN must either sell the same censored product as the natives, or provide its audience something the locals don’t provide – uncensored information, for instance. Apparently, that is how CNN chose to compete in Venezuela. Bad decision in a socialist paradise, right? A losing gamble, but probably the only realistic choice in the circumstances.

Back in the U.S. the several cable TV “news” outlets provide a uniformly leftward tilt and tend to support government when it is in Democratic hands, attacking it when the GOP is in control, with Fox News closer to center than the rest. If CNN wishes to stand out in this market, it must choose between moving further right than Fox News or further left than its companions. From appearances, it has been using the latter option.

Today’s U.S. news market, traditional truth is no longer valued; moral relativism has replaced it. Select the ‘truth’ that best serves: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” If you are trying to stand out against competitors of this stripe, bingo! Fake news! It seems an inevitable result of politicizing everything.

We suppose that those explain CNN’s amusingly ironic exits from the good graces of governments in Venezuela and the United States. We cannot know of course, but it seems appropriate and reasonable in the circumstances. And in our now old fashioned view, well deserved. CNN is a cable news pioneer fallen upon hard times … What will it do now to entertain us?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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