GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThe climate: A U.S. government whistleblower revealed that government climate data used at the recent U.N. Paris climate conference were “adjusted”. (Report)

Prosecuted for $12 internet sale of homemade ceviche, a woman will perform 80 hours of community service. (We bet she’s not a wealthy politician …)

A missile was fired into Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from Yemen by the Yemeni Army. (Report) (Yemen: a corrupt government caught between  Iran supported “rebels” and a Saudi mini-invasion)

Has anti-war Trump sold out to the warlords?  (Article) (And where’s he gonna get the money?)

A “transsexual” murderer was removed from a women’s prison after sex with inmates. (Report) (Well, at least the high school “trans” boys in the girls’ locker rooms usually aren’t murderers, are they?)

New credit cards with chips, intended to deter identity theft, are seeing theft rise. (They were supposed to require a PIN along with inserting the card, but that was dropped)

A 30 year old French sub  “sank” a U.S. carrier in simulation during 2015 war games. News was quickly suppressed, too many billions of dollars are tied to carriers. (US has more aircraft/helicopter carriers than next 11 countries combined. )

Several GOP presidential candidates received George Soros connected funding? (Report)  (Not Trump?)

San Francisco’s City College will be free for residents, starting this Fall. (Report) (What’s another $5+ M in taxes to wealthy lefties?)

Will $2.5+ TRILLION combined credit card/student debt ever be repaid? (How will the new indentured Americans ever fuel a productive economy?)

A driver using satellite navigator drove his BMW into a river. (Report) (Tech just washes out, sometimes)

GOP global warming supporters are pushing carbon taxes. (Report) The agenda behind it and why Trump might buy in. (Article)

Buffalo single mom jailed, kids taken over home schooling?  (Report)

Music and sex stimulate the same part of the brain? (Report) (Could explain how some entertainers make it?)

European Union: Greece and Italy  are in play? (Reports)

Our risk burden from spending borrowed money  (Article)

Most government workers can be replaced by robots per a new study. (Report)(Hmnn …)

A U.S. general wants a review of relations with Pakistan. (Report)  (Will he reveal that it’s really Pakistan we’re fighting in Afghanistan, now that Trump is in charge?)

Judge rejects big health insurer merger. (Report)  (Anthem/CIGNA can’t join)

Vibrating hot pants with GPS are becoming available … (!)

The culture:  Assisted suicide  article (Government assures you help you need) End of Life Counseling by doctors is now covered by Medicare. U.S. Life Expectancy declined for the first time since 1993.

The war on cash: Europe moves further toward eliminating paper money? (Report)

Retirement programs are pressured as workforce population percentage declines. (Report) (Demographics is destiny …)

9th Circuit decision farce: Trump travel ban legal play morphs into farce? (Report)

Republicans:  Some wish to retain Obamacare taxes, repeal the rest. (Report)

A schizophrenic murderer was released with a promise to take his meds. (Report)

EU leader doubts future; will not seek a second term. (Report) (A cloud on the E.U. horizon, a bit bigger than a man’s hand …)

Greek Prime Minister warns Germany and the IMF  (Report) (Bad little boy threatens Dad)

Brazil: A Supreme Court justice recommended legalizing drugs to dismantle drug gangs’ crime wave.(The U.S. didn’t learn from Prohibition/repeal).)

The culture: Graduates of Jesuit colleges serving in Congress are overwhelmingly pro-abortion.

Public education: Parents lack right to object to public school teachings per federal courts but  some have rights provided by state legislators.  (Article)

Chicago: Only 3 dead, 19 wounded last weekend.

Federal Reserve: Significant changes in leadership expected over the next 18 months (Article)  (New deck chairs for the Titanic)

A man was arrested for publishing photos of a naked woman as revenge

And that’s all …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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