GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannHere are the items that floated to the top this week:

Dead people redeemed over $2B in food stamp benefits, the Inspector General reported. (We knew dead people voted; do they eat food too?)

California’s Governor Brown wants a 42% gas tax hike to help him pay the state’s generous employee pensions.  (Report)

Germany asked the European Central Bank to retreat from easy money. (Report) (Is the party over?)

Europe expects another wave of escapees from unsafe/miserable places. (Will Europe become an unsafe/miserable place thereafter?)

Israel is the legal occupant of the West Bank, per the Court of Appeal of Versailles. (Report) (The PLO lost under international law. … and the newsfolk haven’t noticed?)

A Maryland school district employee was fired for correcting a student’s spelling on Twitter. (Why students can’t spell..?)

 8 men own as much wealth as half the world population, per Oxfam. (Report) (Do they pay as much in taxes as half the world population?)

Inauguration criminal violence wass planned by groups per an undercover investigation? (Report)

“As robots take jobs, Europeans mull free money for all”  (i.e. Guaranteed Minimum Income. Do they suppose robots will pay taxes to provide that money?)

The culture: Strangers strip, jump into bed for new Australian TV dating show? (Report)

More culture: 6 (apparently black) teen girls beat a woman for disapproving their bullying an elderly woman on a New York Subway

ObamaCare to be replaced by TrumBamaCare? (Article) (The more we change, the more we remain the sme …)

The media are fiddling with their political polls?  (Report)

Chicago: 10 killed, 29 wounded over MLK holiday weekend. (Report)

The Catholic Church struggles with the same divisions afflicting U.S. politics. (Article)

The ‘War on Cash: Davos elites call for a ban on physical cash … in the U.S.

Rumbles from the Fed: Is the tightening talk for real?  (i.e. Will Trump be the sacrificial lamb?)

Social Security: Is suddenly a time bomb now that Trump is replacing Obama.

Bomb threats attacked Jewish community centers across the U.S.  (Report)

Trump’s tweeting will continue after inauguration. (Report) (A new governing tool?)

The Federal Reserve sees inflation potential building – Beige Book. (Report)

More wealth redistribution was prescribed by Christine Lagarde, bossof the International Monetary Fund. (Didn’t work too well for the Soviets …)

European Strategy: an update as the E.U. wobbles. (Article)

Walmart has been sued for firing an employee with Down syndrome.  (Another group trying for compulsory indirect welfare?)

Has the Fed declared war on Trump?  A smoking fun? (Short Article)

Is Soros and the left buying a U.S. switch to street politics? (The inauguration ‘protest’)

The Feds have been ‘massively’ understating student loan defaults? (Report)

Enlarging the IRS is on the agenda of Trump’s new Treasury Secretary? (Report)

The Climate: Heavy snowfall in the Sahara Desert.  (Report)

The culture: A Brooklyn male teen set a sleeping man afire on the subway and stood by, laughing.

A naked woman was arrested for hitting a deputy.


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