alfred_e-_neumannThe week that was:

Washington Post “Fake Jews” of Russian hack fell apart … (Report)

 A drunken airline pilot was arrested in Canada after fainting in the cockpit.  There were 99 passengers aboard … (Hmnn … How does an alcoholic pilot differ from a jihadi suicide bomber?)

China is considering “strong measures” re Taiwan. (Report)  (As the U.S. withdraws from policing the world, bad boys come out to play …)

California opens 2017 with increased business labor costs. (And 900 brand new laws, too)

Retail store closures will come with the new  year? (Report)  (As the ‘recovery’ continues)

The war on cash: Millions of British pound coins will be worthless shortly.

5 cases where the government did wrong. (Article)

Illinois owes $11 of unpaid bills, most long overdue. (Keeping the unions happy?)

A leaked audio of Secretary of State Kerry revealed that President Obama deliberately allowed the rise of ISIS? (Report)

Legalizing child prostitution will result from a California Senate bill? Report)

India’s war on cash  is causing chaos? (Report)

Finland will test ‘guaranteed income’ by paying 2,000 citizens $586 monthly for two years, regardless of wealth/employment status. (Prediction: 2,000  more welfare recipients and enough higher taxes to pay them.))

The internet: 2016 brought censorship, snooping and other attacks likely to increase … (Report)

The war on cash: Washington is behind India’s destructive attack on cash? (Report)

New York’s Governor Cuomo (D) proposed free college tuition for children of households warning under $125,000 annually. (No mention of how it could be funded)

The war on cash: Greece will accept only credit /debit card tax payments? (Report)

Finance warning: What will happen to the $52 T of world debt denominated in dollars if the Federal Reserve significantly raises interest rates this year?  (Hint: Do you want to buy bonds now when you know that later ones will earn more interest?)

The climate: Ocean islands, contrary to alarms, are not sinking. (Article)

U.S. debt rose $1,054,647,941,626 in 2016 … (Report) (Thank the GOP-led Congress)

Russia: Puts missiles on its Lithuanian border; U.S. puts special forces in Lithuania. (Google: Cuban missile crisis)

The culture: A student, (14) was criminally charged after posting a racial slur of a classmate on Snapchat. (Juvenile behavior has become a crime?)

Bedbug cities: Baltimore 1, Washington D.C. 2 per Orkin  list. (Report)

Uber faces 2 lawsuits from New York women alleging frightening rides.  (Never occurs in taxis, right?)

Philadelphia: Sugary drink tax shock as city hits wallets “for the good of stomachs.”

Global debt has reached over 3 times the global GDP? (Report)  (How invest in growth when all your income is pledged to repay debt?)

The war on charter schools: How Detroit condemned kids tossed from closing schools to lower rated survivors. (Report)

Trump’s new trade appointee is no fan of free trade? (Report)  (Well, nor is Trump, if he wants tariffs)

An engine fell off an Air Force B 52 in flight. (Report)

Destabilizing demographics around the world : A Sword  of Damocles over future peace? (Article)  (Shrinking populations  will magnify economic decline)

The culture? A Charlotte pastor was arrested for 9 armed business robberies.

Non-working Americans numbers have returned to those of the housewife era. (Report) (Up 18% under Obama, but though he lies about it, he didn’t cause it … nor has he tried to fix it.) (Opinion)

The British economy seems better, not worse after vote to leave the European Union. (Report) (Oops …)

The climate culture: A leading climatologist resigned from Georgia Tech in refusal to support man made climate change.

Trump’s border wall: Cost $12 – $38 billion. (Report)  (An empty political gesture –  it’s enforcement that matters!) (Opinion)

Control of elections a new Federal target? States worry that Feds’ “help” with election security will impose supervision. (Report)

Turkey fires 8,000 in continued purge of opposition supporters …(Report)

The culture: “There is no future in history.”  (Article)   (A historian warns us of our future)

A naked woman was arrested after crashing a car during a police chase.

And so was the week.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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