But the Electoral College Isn’t Democratic!(No, it’s only Fair …)

'Does the electoral college have a football team?'Let us, discussing the current attack on the Electoral College, first notice whence it comes. It proceeds from those who lost the election. In the present, that is the political Left. Forgive us if we believe that, had it won the election instead, the same political Left would be stanchly defending the Electoral College.  You may color us cynical.

Proceeding from there, why do we have the Electoral College? Well, why do we elect Congressfolk by districts instead of by national vote? Obviously because a national vote would provide Congressfolk set to fulfill the wishes of Los Angeles and New York, the largest sources of votes. That would leave some 99% of the U.S. real estate with little influence; the two cities would impose their sensibilities upon the rest of the country. Bullies, they would become. So to avoid that, we elect Congressfolk from local districts whose interests they represent.

The Electoral College assures that those districts are also represented in selecting the President. How can you expect the voters of Iowa, Arizona, Oklahoma and Alaska to follow a president elected by only two cities? Especially when that president is trying to deal with war, depression or some other unpleasant reality? If the president wishes to enjoy legitimacy, he/she/it must at least appear to represent all the people, not just a couple of big city liberal populations. The Founders saw that and gave us the Electoral College to provide it. If you want pure democracy, you shouldn’t have states either, right?

Thanks to the Electoral College, presidential candidates have to convince voters from Idaho, Hawaii and West Virginia as well as those from California and New York. A couple of populous bullies can’t run the country by themselves. The Founders knew what they were doing. Deo gratias!


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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One Response to But the Electoral College Isn’t Democratic!(No, it’s only Fair …)

  1. kr^on8ij2M says:

    See California and New York are the enlightened ones that all must bow to and slavishly chant praises to their wisdom. Red states are deplorable serfdoms.

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