Democrats and Republicans Both Lost the Election (Analysis)

RingmasterDemocrats are blaming the FBI chief, the Russians, utterly deplorable voters and whatever else they can find (excepting Democrats, of course) for their loss. Republicans are keeping quiet since they “won,” sort of. But they really lost when Donald Trump became the next president and they know it. Privately of course, not publicly. They are smiling for the camera, but the teeth behind those smiles are gritted. Some Republican leaders voted for Clinton and said so. No few spoke out against Trump. No one that mattered wanted Trump; only the voters wanted him. Problem was, suddenly, they mattered.

Ensconced within his GOP label, Trump ran against both parties as a populist. And popular he was. So much so that he is now President-Elect and will shortly be inaugurated, if his security additions to the normal Secret Service cadre can keep him alive. Trump is the kid from down the block who butts into the neighborhood marbles game, cleaning up. To keep his winnings, he will have to prevent the locals from ganging up and beating them out of him. A challenge …

Then, there’s the world economy and the U.S. piece of it; a game where no one has the money they’re spending to buy political office. The day that the lenders won;’t buy government bonds anymore is the day Trump becomes the new Herbert Hoover. Most of us know what followed HIM. The Democrats are doubtless counting on it. More fools they … All the available “solutions” will require a couple generations of miserable and resentful citizens. No government has ever been able to legislate wealth for any but itself and that at the expense of the citizens. And no politician can afford to admit THAT.

About to be inaugurated President Trump (Who is likely about as surprised as we are) is now facing that unpleasant reality. He can hide it -for a while- behind a war. But that will make it worse in the long run. Or he can face it now, probably making himself a one-term president. He cannot avoid it, or solve it. It is carved in stony debt now. By a succession of his predecessors. Bu the people will not remember them, only him. Americans aren’t long term thinkers. Nor do U.S. public schools aim at such.

Right now, the President-Elect is governing the U.S. more than President Obama, at least if you rely on the “news.” And he is talking of a 5% tariff on well, nearly everything imported.  Which is nearly everything factory made. He calls that job creation; we call it increasing the cost of living. You may decide for yourself.

So, we don’t think Trump won; we think that the Democrats and the Republicans lost. And the American people were losers no matter who won.

We hope that we’re too cynical. But is that the way to bet?



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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