GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour Saturday’s selection of the weeks’ happenings, opinions, data and nonsense:

The Senate is processing an illegal alien protection extension bill with support from both parties. (To get it done before Trump?)

A new House bill would provide law enforcement services for locating and tracking designated people, initially those with disabilities.  (Is it just us, or is this an expensive, risky slippery slide case?)

ISIS has returned to ancient Palmyra after Russo-Syrian forces expelled it but did not stay to guard the city.

GAB, a new social network expanding fast with a “No censorship” promise, is drawing the political right.  (Does this say that the political left prefers censorship?)

CIA vs FBI?  Did Russia hack the presidential election, or not….  (And the globe is warming, the economy is improving, inflation is nominal and unemployment is low, right?) Report: CIA denied that it said Russia hacked for Trump. Later: Claim FBI, CIA agreed Russia hacked election to help Trump.  (When news becomes propaganda, it’s hard to keep stories straight?)

Trust the Federal Unemployment Rate?  (Article says no …)

LCS: A costly new U.S. Navy boondoggle fails … (Report)

The New York Times hired a reporter who sent his stories to Clinton staff for approval … (Report)

Italy: Becoming a threat to the Euro? (Report)  (Greece on steroids)

Japan: Military Update. (Article) (China makes us nervous?)

Trump’s election: An amusing take on Lefty hysteria …

Turkey jailed an American Christian pastor on unspecified terrorism charges, along with thousands of members of the political opposition. (Report) (Kemal Ataturk’s democracy disappearing back into the mosque?)

GOP Congressional leaders will fight Trumps’ tax cut. (Report)  (If they are so anti-deficit, why is there a deficit?)

Moody’s dropped Italy’s banks from “Stable” to “Negative”. (Joining Fitch on this outlook)

The Department of Justice filed suits in 3 states that were blocking construction of mosques. (Report)  (It’s important to know your friends, but it can be difficult …)

The Federal Government wants all new cars to be able to exchange information with each other, traffic signals, etc. (Federal heave: Always know where folks are, where headed, need no traffic cops, few traffic courts,  shut off cars at will … )

Russia’s Putin threatened Europe’s winter heating gas supply?  (Report)   (TRANSLATION: Stop opposing Russia’s takeover of Ukraine …)

The culture: 4 children from 8 to 14 including one girl beat and robbed a man in Brooklyn.

Ubers’ self-driving cars are now available in San Francisco as well as Pittsburg. (Report) One has apparently run a red light; another nearly hit a Lyft competitor on the street.

London chaos: A result of Britain’s worst rail strike in a decade.; unions fighting over whose job it is to open and close train doors … (Report)  (Where’s Margaret Thatcher when they need her?)

The culture: Cops allowed a K9 dog to bite a naked, unarmed man. (Hell, they used to do it all the time back in East Germany …)

California is adopting energy use limits for computers/monitors, devices that account for some 7% of the state’s energy use. (Will hearing aids be next?)

An “Alt-Right” definition of being “Red Pill”  (Article) (Or a “Red Pill” definition of being “Alt-Right”) (Read this if you haven’t learned these new political terms yet)

The War on Masculinity proceeds  (Article)  (Men with any masculinity left wouldn’t put up with this crap.)

Cyberattacks on the Georgia Secretary of State’s files were traced to the Federal Department of Homeland Security’s servers. (Report) (So there IS someone watching the watchers?)

The automat returns to New York: A new, fully automated restaurant sans servers and cashiers  (When the minimum wage hits $$15, it won’t close for high labor costs. .. it’ll close for lack of customers.)

The culture: 3 parent babies will be licensed in Britain. (Report) (Lawyers salivating)

Global warming: 30 below in Chicago; snow in Portland, OR. (A new ice age will be caused by warming?)

Will the Federal Reserve crash the economy to destroy the Trump presidency? (Article) (A precious metal pusher says he thinks it likely)

Paris faces its worst rat crisis in decades.  (Are the rats immigrants or natives?)

The U.S. Navy wants to add 47 new ships to its fleet. (Report)  (Good question: Why? Better question: How will they be funded under existing deficits?) (Never mind)

China’s navy seized an underwater oceanographic drone in South China Sea international waters now claimed by China, exacerbating the impact of the Chinese encroachment policy. The Pentagon later said that China has agreed to return the drone.

The Obama Birth Certificate: Update (To our knowledge, none know his factual birthplace nor do Democrats nor the GOP wish to know)

“The electoral college is unconstitutional” per the Los Angeles Times. (Hmnn… We thought that the Constitution provided it?)

Facebook’s “fake news” fact checker is supported by George Soros. (Report)  (Plus ca change’ …)

Shia Iran vs Sunni Saudi Arabia: Update/Background  (Article)

Chicago: Shootings, year to date: 4,210

So much for a new week. The cold snap must be keeping transgressor’s clothed…..

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