GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour weekly selection:

Austria rejected a turn to the right, electing a former green leader as its president.

Trump is targeting another Indiana plant over its planned move to Mexico? (Report)  (How many can the taxpayers afford to bribe in order to postpone departure?)

Venezuela:  Will issue larger denomination bills in response to hyperinflation. (Channeling Weimar?)

Animal welfare laws are finding push back by farmers. (Pet ‘em vs eat ‘em, exploited by politicians?)

Hawaii expects 3 ft. of snow on its peaks …(Have to admit climate is changing?)

How European governments and tax-sheltered NGO’s are smuggling “refugee” masses into Europe? (Report) (Who’s funding a similar program bringing Central Americans to the U.s?)

For investors: Understanding the world market and how to follow it … (Article)

U.S. health care cost  has the fastest growth in 8 years. (Obamacare was gonna be free?)

Italy: Prime Minister Renzi said he will resign after his push to weaken the legislature was refused by the voters. This leaves Italy’s precarious finances untended and may threaten E.U. status. Or not …

The culture: A young black male stabbed a 78 year old man to death on the street, attacking from behind. (Report) (So far, no riots in Baltimore)

A college “Whiteness Forum” takes a critical look at whiteness. (Report)  (Shouldn’t there now be a “Blackness Forum?)

Turkey’s finances are more worrisome than Italy? (Report)(Hmnn … Since when?)

Carrier will increase prices to offset higher costs for U.S. production. (Duh …?)

The culture: A “Tinder for Air Travel” app sets up mile-high assignations.  (!)

More culture: A Palo Alto Apple storefront was smashed by an SUV driven into it as a teen mob grabbed iphones and ran.

The Pentagon: Read this next time you hear about underfunding the U.S. military …

Climate change: Wind power generates regret as $100,000 (each) turbines produce $1.50 worth of power per monthly.

“Donald Trump is inheriting the best economy in a generation thanks to President Obama” says Fortune magazine. (And if you believe THAT … )

New world education rankings (math, reading, science) put the U.S. below 20th in all three categories.

The Feds are moving to control the fintech industry via licensing and regulations. (Why not, they control everything else, right?)

China is tacitly admitting its recessionary trend via declining government salary guidelines.

Gold investors: We hope that you know this when you buy …

Silver investors: “He who has ears to hear, le him hear …”

France is “decomposing?” (Maybe they’ll elect a Trump …)

Censorship by Internet providers is being organized and coordinated? (Report)  (And the odor of government permeates the air …)

India: Prime Minister Modi’s war on cash isn’t helping things? (Report)  The government is said to be raiding homes confiscating gold, including jewelry. (Report)

India/Pakistan and Terrorism: Update (Long article)

Posting a video of a black classmate eating chicken by a 14 year old white boy has a Pennsylvania prosecutor threatening criminal charges. (Thought crime has arrived for kids ..?)

How believable are the various media today? (Article – by a pessimist)

CEO pay limits are being imposed by Portland, Oregon. The city will impose additional taxes on corporations that pay their bosses more than the City Council deems appropriate. (Encouraging new startups in Oregon … )

Libya: Update for those interested. (Long Article)

China: A censorship model for governments to envy. (Update)

The Robots Are Coming?  (Report) (And the jobs are leaving)

The European Central Bank seems aimed to surpass the Federal Reserve’s funny money … (Report)

Big Business and Big Government are Big Buddies … (Report)

Holiday Ad: Microsoft celebrates Black Lives Matter, Syrian refugees, trans activism … (Is big business helping government or is government helping big business, these days?)

India’s War on Cash: 65% of ATM’s are down, barter is booming? (Report)

A naked man climbed atop a West Hollywood bus, waving and blowing kisses …

And so it has gone …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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