GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThis week’s selections:

The speed of light: Not a constant after all?  Now questioned and an experiment is available. (When we can’t believe the news, why believe the physicists?)

Global warming is going off script again, per NASA measurements. Global cooling happening is apparently not news. (Running hot and cold, right?)

Egypt: Archeologists announced discovery of a previously lost, 7,000 year old city. (We’ll bet the politicians were crooked then, too.)

Chicago: 9 dead, 61 shot over Thanksgiving weekend.

Significance of the E.U.’s Uber case (Article) (How to suppress economic progress with politics …)

Will California plug its leaking pensions?

California is regulating  cow farts – really!

Mrs. Clinton’s lawyer  demanded that the Republican governor of North Carolina stop his recount, though the margin  is closer than the states where the Democrats are demanding recounts.

The culture: Two Los Angeles (black) women arguing over a parking space used their SUV’s to turn the parking lot into a demolition derby, repeatedly bashing their cars against each other. (If you’re not surprised that they were black, you’re a racist, right?)

Auto loan delinquencies are scaring some folk now at six million. (Report)

How Asians  rose in America – while blacks bottomed out. ((Opinion)

Watching a virus adapt itself to new conditions in plain sight …  claimed as speciation

Rats use tools too …(Critters are smarter than we wish to admit)

Women and men see faces differently (Study) (How will feminists bury this one?)If that isn’t  enough, they hear consonants differently too.

U.S. Household debt: $12.4 Trillion, U.S. national debt: $19.9 Trillion, Total: $32.3 Trillion.  (Suggest that the average U.S. household owes some $258,400 plus interest.  And Trump will borrow more?)

Univ. of Calif. President Napolitano ordered campus police not to enforce immigration law.

China: Update (Long article)

Venezuela: Hyperinflation has arrived. (Report and chart)

  U.S. Treasury Bonds: Becoming harder to sell?  (Is financing with debt becoming riskier?)

India: The war on cash proves troublesome? (Report)

China is imposing limits on Yuan outflows for the first time in two decades. (Rich Chinese getting scared?)

Caterpillar: Cutbacks coming; (Trump’s infrastructure construction promise doesn’t impress?)

New record 95,055,000 are not in the labor force. (Report) (Hmmm … Reinventing the housewife?)

U.S. Navy’s newest ships are a costly failure? (Report) (Politics plus corruption ain’t  cheap nor useful)

U.S./German spy agencies  conspire together to avoid their own governments’ controls? (Report) (Ask Snowden)

The culture: A New York City subway seat dispute cost one man part of his ear and he and another man beatings and a pepper spraying. (Well, nobody was shot … this time.)

Sex robots are being touted to allow kinky couple threesomes without jealousy….

Moslem terrorism: World Update (Article)

Fewer than 200 recent Federal regulations have added over $100 billion in regulatory costs since 2009; the bureaucracy is now more powerful than Congress. (Article)  (And a lot less responsive, too)

The future of Capitalism – if it has one. (Article)

Will Italy follow Greece down, then out? (Article: Italy’s weekend referendum)

Antarctic 1901 expedition logbooks deny changes in Antarctic sea ice claimed by global warming advocates. (Report)

Hawaii Weather warning: “Icy and dangerous conditions” (Report) (Not joking)

A $6.1 B military spending bill easily passed in the House, rebuffing Obamafolk attempts to make cuts.  (Report) (As usual, none worried where the money will be found)

High school students made a new, $750/pill drug for $2/pill in Australia. (Report)

New York City’s current traffic nightmare is deliberate; the city wants folk to use bikes and subways. (Report)

Indonesia: Some 200,000 Moslems protested their Christian governor’s alleged blasphemy – he criticized claims that Moslems could not have a non-Moslem leader. (Report) Well, beats beating him to death as happens in other parts of Islam.)

A naked news channel in Canada provides its reports and interviews via entirely unclothed women…. (Report)

Trump’s Carrier deal was “crony capitalism” per Sarah Palin. (Good politics, lousy economics – make the taxpayers pay for keeping U.S. jobs as a high cost producer.)

A topless driver crashed into a police car while sending selfies to her boyfriend.


And thus it was, as we saw it …

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