GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur selections of information:

India’s war on cash proceeds chaotically….

The REAL “Fake News” list, as seen by Ron Paul, retired and clear eyed Congressman.

Admission: The Clinton polling leads were fake.  (Report)

Los Angeles is following Chicago (and others) down the unaffordable pension financial drain. Dallas
seems to be joining the death march, another victim of the Federal Reserve’s prolonged low interest rates that have decimated pension investments. (Taxpayers have a lot to look forward to …)

Trump  will inhabit the White House; his wife and son will join him after his son’s school year ends Despite reports, he won’t spend par time in New York. (Repoet)

The culture: Police officers have been shot in Florida, Texas and Missouri. Another was shot in Michigan.

This website will explain how you are monitored on internet sites as you browse.  (Might surprise you)

Twitter bans politically right wing accounts while allowing child pornography? (Report)

Chicago: Murders still outpace those in Los Angeles and New York combined.  (Report)

The War on Cash is about to accelerate in the U.S. and elsewhere. (Report) The war on cash spreads: As India staggers, Mexico and Australia are infected and a warning is passed. (Article)

Trump’s spending plans lack any source for the funds to be spent. (Report)

U.S. stocks are surging, awash in Trump promises. (Report) (In an unimproved real economy, it can’t reflect real value increases, seems to us.  Double, double, stock market bubble …)

“What Happens Next?”  (The bond market as financial harbinger)

3000 homeless were denied a traditional free hot meal by government regulators.

Yemen  (Update on Iran/Shia vs Saudi/Sunni Yemeni civil war)

The Obamafolk continue denying Congress details of the Iran nuke deal. (Report)

The culture: “Ice cream for breakfast makes you smarter” – Japanese scientist. “Trade with China kills Americans” – economist.

Quieting the Battlefield: Newly quieted infantry weapons may pay off in improved battlefield communications. (Report)

The US Navy’s new $4 billion stealth warship broke don – again. (USS Zumwalt is the ship with guns so special that ammo costs $800,000 per shot, so it is not being bought by the Navy.) (Report)

Illinois sinks further into its debt swamp – now it’s running on its vendors’ money.

Germany’s Merkel and the E.U. are talking up censorship to “protect” free speech? (Report)

The US government wants phone makers to lock out most apps for drivers? (Report)

The culture: A bus driver looked on as black teens attacked white schoolgirls on his New York City bus. (Report)

Turkey: The European Union froze talks on EU membership over deteriorating human rights under President Erdogan’s rule while the Turkish Lira was contested between Erdogan and the Turkish central bank.

E.U. politics vs economics: Is Uber a transportation company or an internet service? Europe’s top court will decide on the direction of Europe’s economic future.

“Fake News” is becoming anything with which the political Left disagrees….

Arab arsonists are being captured setting more fires in Israel as burned our refugees multiply.

Britain: Almost unlimited government snooping is authorized by a new law.

Booze makers are sweating the arrival of legal pot…. (Competition …)

A naked man was arrested after he charged an officer on a busy Atlantic City roadway.

Chicago: 4 dead, 31 wounded in Thanksgiving shootings.

Und das ist alles …

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