GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannHere’s the week that was, believe or not as you prefer:

The U.S. Navy’s new, high tech destroyer requires unaffordable ammo for its guns?   Now that the ship is built, turns out ammo costs $800,000 per shot. (Report)  (And government will save us, right?)

Trump may not become a full time resident of the White House? (He plays golf, too.)

A Boston law firm paid members bonuses equal to their political contributions. (Report) (Salaries are tax deductible; political donations aren’t … like Hillary’s expensive Wall Street speeches)

“Dark Money” – Hiding millions of dollars of political contributions. (Short article)

“Protester” has become a paid occupation? (Report) (Have gun, will travel …)

Global cooling over the last 8 months set a new record, (Satellite report)

Turkey’s crackdown on dissent was mildly criticized by Europe. Turkey’s president responded with the diplomatic finger …

A woman was arrested after tigers, a cougar, skunk and foxes were found roaming her home. Oh, and a teen daughter too. (No elephants?)

Marriage/family values continue to divide Catholics. (Report) (End of the Christian era?)

Reality attacks the European bond market. (Report) (A cloud on the financial horizon, a lot larger than a man’s hand …)

Our historic, oncoming and irresistible return to poverty. (Article)

France’s Sarkozy urged a tax on U.S. goods if Trump exits the Paris global warming deal. (Like the Smoot-Hawley tariff that worsened the Great Depression?)

A husband used a drone to catch his wife cheating on him. (Learning from the government …)

Trump’s new Chief of Staff is an ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan?? (Report) (Hmnn …)

60% of the Portland anti-Trump rioters were from out of state. (Report And most didn’t vote.)

The newly reported Permian shale oil field discovery is the largest in the U.S. (Report) (Will Saudi oil remain cheaper?)

Toy guns are being banned from Baltimore when they resemble the real thing. (Report) (Should be interesting)

The culture: A thief stole a woman’s wheelchair.

China is urging cooperation in governing the newly international internet. (Report) (The FCC is likely working on it)

Left-leaning internet giants Google and Facebook and Twitter will curb “fake news” sites i.e. those  leaning right? (Report))

India’s war on cash is about to be joined by a war on gold. (Report) (We assume using the resulting black market will be a capital offense.)

U.S. industrial production continues sluggish. (Report)  (Recovery proceeds …)

Why Trump (or anyone else) must fail. (Short article)

McDonald’s plans the start of mobile ordering in the U.S. next year. (Report) (But can they download the burger through a smartphone?)

U.S. government (NOAA) temperature reports are fraudulent again? (Report) No thermometers exist in some reported areas and satellite measurements disagree.)

Horse meat provider busted in police sting. (Can’t even choose our entrée anymore!)

Refugee camps in Greece are boiling. (Report) Somehow that’s news, but those all over the Middle East, in Turkey, Africa and Asia aren’t?)

Volkswagen will drop 30,000 workers.  (Report) (More recovery news)

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel said in an appearance with President Obama that  the internet is “a disruptive force that has to be contained.” (Report)  (What you don’t know won’t hurt us)

A DNA editing breakthrough holds promise for solutions to incurable genetic diseases.  (Report)

DuPont will eliminate its pension and medical/dental retirement coverage of active workers.(But the jobs aren’t going to China … yet)

Leftish rent-a-mobs are reportedly now organized and paid to impose the desires of folk whose political representatives have failed election. (Also descried as a “continuance of politics using other means, right?”

The smug blindness of the Republican establishment … (Article)

“Post-truth:” How moral relativism drove objective truth from public discourse. (Article) (And we could keep our doctors, right?)

Russian airliner met by Swiss jets over Switzerland. (Report)  (Switzerland sends a message to Russia.)

The United Kingdom opened private communications and transaction to functionally unlimited government snooping. (Murphy rules …)

A European Union commission wants British news to hide Muslim affiliation when reporting terrorism.

Chicago: 5 dead, 32 wounded in weekend shootings.

Apparently, everyone doing anything interesting remained clothed this week.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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