GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAnother week’s worth:

Veterans are forced to repay decades-old enlistment bonuses overpaid by California officials. (Of course, they don’t have the money.)

China plans controlling individuals using massive data collection from their activities, then denying services and freedom to those who score too low. (Will such citizenship report cards appeal to E.U. and U.S. leaders too?)

The war on cash: A large step toward individual control by government? (Article)

Internet Outages have recently crippled the US East and West coasts, raising some troublesome questions that apparently, worry few.

Anti-satellite weapons are available if limited’ more are coming.

Venezuela: The opposition led congress declared that President Maduro’s stifling of their attempt to remove him amounts to a coup.

100,000 football fans at an Alabama – Texas A&M game were told not to use the restroom over water pressure problems. (Our imagination quails …))

Italy: Pro EU Prime Minister Rienzi promised his resignation if voters don’t pass his ‘reforms’ of Italy’s Senate. But voters may blame Rienzi for economic doldrums and use the referendum to dump him.

San Francisco: A 57 story building is tilting and sinking; corruption or poor engineering? (And who will end paying the bill?)

A GOP political operative was sentenced to two years in prison for violating election laws.

An arctic WWII Nazi weather station has been discovered by Russian scientists.

Will government hide its mismanagement in a new world war? (Article)

The TV audience continues to shrink. (Report) (Old folks audience dies off)

U.S. Teachers: 25% are “chronically absent”, missing more than two weeks of classes.  (Report)

Electronic machines flipping votes were evidenced in the recent re-election of Democrat Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, per experts. (It ain’t who votes; it’s who counts the votes …)

Reporting vote fraud: A new smart phone app makes it easy. (Report)

Uzbekistan: The strongman ‘President’s’ death loosens an anchor in central Asia, threatens Russian influence and tempts China. (Article)

How Wall Street games corporate earnings to steer investors in stocks. (Article)

The world’s tallest church tower is sinking, its base eroded by human urine …

Virginia voting machine caught switching vote?  (Video)

Big Brother recognizes you at Detroit airport: Feds take 19 fingerprints, retina scan and facial recognition photo. You may flash through TSA security at airports … and the government will know you wherever you are. (Report)

Does Trump hate the media or does the media hate Trump?  (Yes, we bet)

The culture: A man sucker-punched an 85 year old man from behind in a New York City park.

Amazon plans 2,000 grocery stores? (Report) (Hmnn … Wonder what Walmart plans …)

Real ghostbusters offer to help sell your haunted house. (Report) (Do they accept spirit money in payment?)

Rising power prices are shocking the French?  (The wonders of government regulation …)

Venezuela: Adopts hyperinflation; will add more zeroes to its money denominations.  (Honest socialism on view)

Dems sue GOP: the Democratic National Committee has filed suit against the Republican National Committee, alleging that efforts to assure honest voting are really voter intimidation.

The FCC approved rules that require a consumer’s approval before using information regarded as his. Some major  internet firms are unhappy.

U.S. Catholic schools seem belatedly following public education down the tortuous byway of sex education; that confounds parents.

Uber drivers in the UK were ruled employees, not contractors; that adds minimum wage, paid vacation and other employment expenses for the company. (And liabilities, we bet) (Have the taxi unions upped their political contributions?)

Malaysia follows the Philippines away from the U.S? (Report) (Obama foreign policy)

Russia asked the CIA why Hillary Clinton’s foundation purchased $137 M of illegal arms to be shipped to the U.S?  (Report)  (Who’s kidding whom?)

A naked woman in clown makeup was arrested for obstructing traffic.

And that is all that we could stand to deliver this time….

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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