GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour weekly helping of humanity on display:

The Culture: Statisticians don’t believe polls now…. (Article)

Do you believe government economic statistics, or your lying wallet? (Article)

Lice removal entrepreneurs are finding a swelling market for their services. (Report) (Scratching the surface of immigration and travel)

“Canaries in Extremis” (Article) Explains why a new depression has begun, for those interested.

Chicago: 1,000 more people shot to date this year than last. (Bang up journalism!)

“The Left and the Masses”  (Article) (Compares the asserted vs the real effects of liberal policies on black people)

Voter fraud: 4 million dead or ineligible voters listed on voting rolls. (Report)  (Whoever said that the dead shall arise is proven right on every election day.)

Copilots will be robots if government gets its desire. (Can we find robot lawyers and politicians?.)

“Vote All You Want, the Secret Government Won’t Change” (Article) (Realities in a two party state?)

“Global Debt Grows and Central Banks Are Buyers” (Article)   (Spending ourselves rich with borrowed money)

The FBI: Internal anger over the Clinton email investigation. (Article) (Has corruption reached the FBI?)

Foreign Policy: Russia has blown up U.S. goals in Syria and now Obama is losing the Philippines.

ISIL fades farther as Turkey shuts it off. (Report)

Term limited Congress: A new Trump promise. (Nice idea; how’s he gonna do it?)  CNN’s Baldwin says Congress is already term limited. (Who knew?)

Evolution theories are thrown into question by capuchin monkeys (No, not monks) as reality strikes again.

Venezuela: Now it’s exploding corpses in decrepit hospitals. (Report) (And a zombie government)

Coming investors’ losses estimated by an expert. (Article)(For those interested

Philippines cozies with China, cools to America. (The Obama “Pivot to Asia” following hapless Middle Eastern foreign policy down the drain?)

Women are road raged faster than men. (Study) (New; older ones disagree)

The legal culture: “The NSA can access more phone data than ever.”

Mystery: 250,000 year old piece of manufactured aluminum.  (Scientific dating is not really so scientific)

Old style newspapers are fading. Report)

Are many fake Apple products sold on Amazon? (Report)

Failure to find a sexual partner is now a disability?  Absolutely, if you believe the World Health Organization.  (Report) (Hmnn … Does Pope Francis know?)

California is legislating against an anti-abortion ambush video producer.

Healthy food decisions are clarified in court. (Eat as you please; never mind the hokum)

Warning : It’s a better time for investors to sell stocks than to buy them. (Article)

The Ruling Elite Has Lost the Consent of the Governed” (Article) (We have entered upon interesting times …) (But what of the Hillary supporters?)

President Obama explains that only more government intervention can fix Obamacare. (Hmnn … “Hair of the dog” never really worked for hangovers …)

Is the Federal Reserve channeling the Great Depression? (Article)  (Central bankers never learn because politics never change)

Update: Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran. (Article))

Universities are telling students to wear only politically correct Halloween costumes.

Chicago: 8 killed, 40 wounded in weekend shootings.

A naked man was arrested after “approaching women” in a Long Island park.

And that ought to be enough.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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