GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur Saturday sample of actual and imitation reality:

China too has built economic growth on debt that it cannot repay, a foundation of economic sand.

25 Hillary statements to big donors that contradict her statements in public. (Wikileaks)

Trumps’ crude words re women seem milder than some of Clinton’s remarks. (And Trump was a Democrat when he said that …)

Electric cars are unsustainable? (Article)  (Existing on political fashion and taxpayers’ money)

US State pensions: Another warning re dwindling resources and debt undermining pension obligations. (Article)

Immigration: Illegal border crossing numbers understated; Feds deceiving Americans per the head of the Border Patrol union. (Report)

Swatting students is in use in 19 states’ public schools. Such punishments are criticized for their more frequent use on black, male and disabled students.  (It’s race and sex, not behavior, right?)

Afghanistan: After 15 years of death and destruction, what is there to show for the lives and money spent? (Short article)

Syria: An update on the reality there. (Article)

Commercial bankruptcies rose significantly. (Report)

17 new cardinals appointed by Pope Francis outline the politicization of such appointments. (Article)

Iraq: The Shiiite Prime Minister’s anti-Sunni, anti-Kurd “reform” was blocked by the Iraq Supreme Court.

The culture: Virtual girlfriends are growing into a new reality. (Report)  (About the only way a male can get a little respect, these days …)

The culture: “College students flood mental health centers” (We note: 1. Federal law requires equal spending on mental/physical care; 2. We doubt that the students are paying for it and 3: It hands schools more student control.  (Add: 4. We bet it costs too much!)

Today (10/11) is National Sausage Pizza Day. (Article for pizzafolk)

Cops monitor ‘protestors’ with help from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram surveillance? The ACLU identified Ferguson and Baltimore for this. (Why no mention of the NSA?)

Barclays (big British  bank) warns that stock payouts must decline; they now exceed cash flow generally.  (No dividends on stock, no interest on debt and inflation to grow. Thank you, political leaders!)

Pakistan, Afghanistan and India: An update for those interested. (Article)

Greece: Voters vs governors over refugees (Like some other places …)

Inflation is snake oil; read why (Article)

A judge tossed his robe to help grab and immobilize a defendant. (Real order in his court)

Free college courses to be shut down by Feds?

Selling aborted baby parts for profit is under attack in court by a California District Attorney. (Report)

Why the Federal Reserve’s two predecessors were ended but replaced anyway. (Article)

While the media rages to destroy Trump, Obama’s U.S. debt has reached $18.7 trillion – with little notice. (Article) (Notable silence from Republicans in Congress)

Why the Fed is paralyzed between low interest rates that destroy pensions and higher rates that devalue assets. (Article) For those interested

Amazon’s planned entry into the grocery business will “upend the industry?” (Article)

66.6% of Detroit residents have debt six months overdue. (Report)

Verizon will close call centers in five states, affecting 3200 workers. (Report) (Duh – people cost more than machines or foreigners)

Trump’s view of the Fed praised … (Article)

Trump presented a student loan forgiveness policy. (Report)  (If students don’t pay, who will? Duh! Mr. Trump offers spending without the money to spend…. Channeling Bernie Sanders.)

Counseling for students offended by Halloween costumes will be available from the University of Florida.

Medicare doctor payment overhaul is under way because the old system is unworkable. (Any bets re the new system?)

Federal regulations compelling electronic truck driving recorders are expected to hurt small truckers, satisfy large ones.

Prime money market funds can now suspend investor withdrawals under disturbed financial conditions. (!)

Israel: Update of its neighbor relations. (Article)

Clinton protected from Wikileaks hacked emails by a media blackout? (Report)

The culture: 3 killed, 12 wounded at an L.A. restraint shootout. Chicago: 7 dead, 14 wounded Friday night.

Congressional finance: The deficit increased 34%  while the government collected a record $3.27 trillion in taxes. (And the economy is supposed to grow?)

Climate change: A new international agreement, described as mandatory, will eliminate HFC gases required for refrigeration and air conditioning. (Will sweat be a new fashion?)

Clean coal has arrived?   (Will environmentalist kill it?)

And apparently, everyone remained clothed while committing foolishness.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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