GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannA week of events and information; you decide if it is progress …

 Charlotte riots: “The mark of Soros” (Article) If rioters are arrested, why not their employer?)

The culture: An elderly white woman was robbed, beaten and burned alive by a group of black youths who invaded her home.

A cartoon about rushing to judgement …(Presented sans comment) ()Of course, it IS a comment)

TOR Users: An update on TOR security plus the status of internet censorship users.

Congress is pushing for more control of travel, wants TSS inspection of trains and buses.

Mexico: Heretofore stable economy raises concerns …

Deutschebank  solvency concerns continue in Europe. Commerzbank, Germany’s second largest, will lay off some 18,000 workers. (Recovery continues …)

Chicago: 8 dead, 43 wounded in weekend shootings.

A masterpiece of financial rants! (Truthful, funny and right on the money)

The economy: Americans are starting fewer new businesses.

U.S. Navy   Birth at sea, transgenders, etc.(It’s not your dad’s navy anymore)

The Obama Administration is suing a big Trump donor’s steel company for racial discrimination against Asians, many of whom work there. (When did Civil Service revert to a spoils system?)

Listen to the world’s oldest known melody …

The Flint, MI backstory: It isn’t only lead in the drinking water that’s poisonous …

The first three parent baby’s birth is raising questions …(Who raises the kid after the divorce?)

The Orlando nightclub mass shooting was payback for a Pentagon drone strike; the FBI withheld the motive.

Michigan’s legislature may repeal a batch of handiman license requirements. (Will unions allow that?)

The “Wayward Bus Ride” describes the result when a German bus driver in Manheim is handed a new rout and schedule without training or experience. (Aren’t the Germans efficient anymore? )

Amazon may compete with UPS and FEDEX in a bid to lower shipping costs?

Federal Election Commission Democrats  proposed banning “foreign influenced” news media from covering politics. That could remove Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times from election coverage. (Hmnnn … Yeah, it’s sneaky censorship. But would we REALLY miss them?)

Sales Taxes on out of state internet sales  are moving forward again.

The FCC push to eliminate cable boxes has hit a snag.

A significant dollar shortage in Europe? (As Deutschebank slumps)

US suspends Syria diplomacy with Russia, considers military options. (While Russia bombs the US supported rebels)

Saudi currency, bonds and banks show stress despite an OPEC deal to limit oil production?

An apparent media blackout of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests continues as American Indians, environmentalists and others are arrested at the site.

US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) remains in decline. (The Fed fixes are snake  oil)

The US Navy has dumped its traditional personnel classification system. (Earthquake …)(Too many of the old titles ended in “-man”?)

“We will riot everywhere if Trump wins” – Black Lives Matter leader. (How will that differ from the present?)

   The world heavyweight champ may lose his titles for cocaine use.

   Paranormal activity explains patent abuse at a center for the disabled, staff told investigators.

   A man smashed every iphone at an Apple store. (We think we understand …)

A Salton Sea earthquake swarm is raising San Andreas fault earthquake concerns again.

How the old cop on the beat is becoming a modern thug. (Article)

Thoughts on voting for the lesser of two evils … (Article)

The internet control (ICANN) previously  held by the Obama Administration was handed to an international body.(“What is this I see before me, handle toward my hand” …)

Micro houses are now ‘catching on’ per our leaders who know how we should live. (But don’t live that way themselves …)

Brazil: After impeaching their president, Brazileiros  are about to elect a businessman who used to fire people on a TV reality show to be mayor of Sao Paulo. (It’s not only US voters fed up)

Homo Sapiens is innately violent according to anthropological studies. (Article) (Well, what species isn’t?)

Fraudulent Clinton votes were reported discovered in Ohio in tens of thousands.

 Obamacare rates are going up by half in Minnesota. (Report)

A naked man was arrested after driving the wrong way to a crash and trying to kiss an arresting officer.

And if that isn’t enough …


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