GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannNuminous newsbits to nosh upon …

The culture? Murder rates rose significantly in 25 of the largest U.S. cities in 2015. (Deadly!)

U.K. hospitals are on the edge of collapse, per National Health Service chiefs. (A new budget cycle starting?)

Limits on energy use by computers are coming in California. (Air conditioners, anyoe?)

Dolphins conversing like people have been recorded.  (Duh!)

English language pronouns used at Vanderbilt, Princeton and other universities must be revised to delete gender connotations under new school policies.  (So, Orwell wasn’t exaggerating?)

Turkish democracy  decline proceeds as the government replaced 28 elected mayors with appointees.

 Google search manipulates data to favor Hillary? (Research report)

A factory where workers demanded higher wages … replaced them with robots.  (Reality still sucks)

Tent cities of the homeless are growing fixtures in American cities. (Starting in 2008 but ignored by media selling “recovery.”)

Trump/Clinton: “Signs of desperation in a twilight zone of ignorance.”   (Article)

Sec. of State Kerry’s State Department funneled millions to his daughter’s group. (Report)

A prophecy: Your financial future. (Short article)

U.S. consumption decline continues. (Article) (Folks short of money buy less; who knew?)

The INF turns on globalization: A warning from the leader of the International Monetary Fund.

Syria Report: Who’s doing what to whom, clear and simple. (Well, Middle East simple)

Uber debuted trial driverless car rides in Pittsburgh. (A test)

Mexico builds its own wall against immigrants? (Report) (NOT on the U.S. border)

Venezuela: $150 for a dozen eggs (If you can find any eggs).

About believing Federal economic reports … (Article)

Why the (Insert your choice) Russians/Chinese/Iranians are so scary now.

Times do change … Trump just noted in Michigan that Ford is moving all small car making to Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint. (We remember when the reverse was the case.)

Climate change: Sorry, the seas aren’t rising per current studies. (Report)

What Obama, Hillary and even Trump won’t tell about the economy (but is nevertheless true).

Why median income finally started to grow, in an election year …followed by some less published reality.

The Middle East made clear for you, really. (If you’re interested)

Bonds/stocks  mystify experts by rising/falling in tandem. Scary! (None wish to notice that they’re no longer a free market?)

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity” organized and published …

Israelis are under attack using knives and cars in the Wet Bank and Jerusalem. (As usual)

New business formation remains moribund. (Report)

GOP Congressfok are tied in knots maneuvering to spend while avoiding responsibility for it.

The European Union continues toward fracture …

The recent legal ‘mercy killing’ of a child in Belgium was a European first that will not be a last.

A gasoline pipeline is demonstrating our civil fragility by dumping gas from a huge, unexplained leak.

“Why the Fed destroyed the market economy” (Article)

A new attack in the war on cash (Article)

The most taxpayers ever are fleeing from WHERE? (Report)

Who is it exploring means for crashing the Internet?

A naked man was arrested for murdering a female lawyer in the U.K.

And that seems about enough …alfred_e-_neumann

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