U.S. Minorities: The Tail Wagging The Dog

tail-wag-dogFirst, blacks and other minorities were considered victims of discrimination by the majority whites and anti-discrimination laws came because discrimination based on race was wrong. Those were followed by “affirmative action” that discriminates against whites in favor of blacks and other minorities. We don’t understand why that isn;’t wrong, too?

If it is wrongto discriminate over race, then simply empowering government to choose who is discriminated against remains wrong, doesn’t it? Or does “FAIR” have different meanings for different races, somehow? Said differences to be government enforced? Where is “FAIR” in that?

Now we note that homosexuals, another minority often ill treated by all races, are to determine the usage of restrooms and showers and such for the rest of us. Homosexual percentage of population  are very small, so we are handing control of public facilities to a very few at the expense of an overwhelming majority of people. We are using government to impose minority desires upon very large majorities without so far as we can tell, first establishing any serious reason for so doing.

Are there studies showing that sharing restrooms with one’s biological match is somehow damaging to these LBGT political clients? We have seen none, but they could exist. If so, they should be published. Not done to date that we are aware.

Ont the other hand, it seems obvious that allowing healthy high school boys to use the girls’ showers will be mischievous at best. Never mind public restrooms in venues beyond public schools.

The nuts are running the asylum; the tail is wagging the dog. And no one seems much to care. We are sowing the wind. And there may be some who recall what is reaped by those who sow the wind …

It seems to us that politicians playing to any minority or to a majority are but hypocrites; that justice lies in treating all alike. Some politicians even say that, but it is not what they do …




About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to U.S. Minorities: The Tail Wagging The Dog

  1. Jim Teague says:

    Ms.”Gavin” Grimm continues to try to get into boys locker and shower rooms. She will need constant escorts because the boys will find a way of distraction so they can satisfy their curiosity. One wonders what will happen during her monthly periods. The ACLU lawyers want the Supreme Court to drop the case so they can go back to lower court rulings that agreed with them. The guy in Missouri put a wig on and is still trying to get into the women’s shower. Haven’t heard lately what the girls are doing. Perhaps boycotting gym period or demanding to use the admin facilities thus delaying the start of classes. Who is paying these people?

    NCAA and ACC have essentially declared war on women sports. In the interest of “inclusiveness” and with the backing of the Federal Department of Education interpretation of Title IX, they are saying there are no differences in sex. You can be what you want today and change that tomorrow or the next hour with no questions allowed. You can run in the women’s race and win as happened in Alaska and then the “women” 800m gold and silver at Rio. My prediction is no real women will have the top titles in track within 15 years. Other sports will follow.

    In fact with the NCAA/ACC policy they are now showing discrimination by maintaining separate women’s and men’s sports divisions. They should dissolve those immediately.

    By the way, if there are no sex differences you cannot claim sexual harassment from the opposite sex (see, it doesn’t exist with gender fluidity). Harassment still exists, but not sexual harassment unless you want to talk about same sex harassment. Strange, that is never mentioned in the press, but it does happen with unwanted advances. All those university cases must be thrown out and the universities must beg forgiveness for charging the male student for such an offense. The occasional female harassment charge is buried in the advertising pages.

    If all of this is true, women are at total risk in the lockers and shower room. Men can enter at will, disrobe, flash the others in the room, explore the showers. The porn business will boom with new clips.

    Bathrooms are not the real issue nor is the occasional effeminate male coming in to do their business. They probably hide their identity and get in and out. Even that is biodenial, but women’s stalls are at least enclosed and the bottom/top retrofit is not too expensive compared to multiple single use areas. Target is about to find out how expensive that is.

    I mentioned the biology denial factor because there is no science to support transgender choices. Little science even supports the rest of the LGBT spectrum. Even twin studies don’t support the “God made me this way” argument.

    The problem is those who would take advantage of this insanity with cameras, flashing, assaults. Anyone who cannot see the danger for young girls, women and wives is in favor of absolute free sex in all cases, no restrictions. Yes, current restroom, locker and shower designs don’t stop the attackers either, but you can charge the perpetrator. You can force them out of the area. Washington, NCAA/ACC are now saying you cannot put the pretender out, you cannot do anything to “discriminate”. The agenda is to desensitize and to humiliate women while normalizing degenerate behavior. We are Sodom and Gomorrah now.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      All the various human societies seem a little insane, the more so in regard to human drives strong enough to be troublesome. Or so it seems to me. Often enough too, societies degenerate into behaior patterns that cannot support ongoing civil order needed for prosperity. They then collapse, become chaotic and eventually, a new social pattern stabilizes things again. For a while, anyway.

      I wonder if we are not watching the collapse phase of our recent Western Christian pattern? We seem to be deconstructing everything that has fostered social cohesion. No boat propelled by independent oarsmen who do not agree upon wielding heir oars in unison can function at all. (And yes, “women’s sports” is now an oxymoron …

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