GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannOur week’s worth:

Do Airbmb hosts swap secret sex videos of their guests, taken with hidden cameras? (Or is that story from hotels that must compete with them?)

Montreal seems really reaching for anti-bedbug measures. (New York, Chicago etc. prefer to pretend?)

Black Lives Matter: Details not so well known … (Report)

Hacking electronic voting in Brazil (And America?)

The culture: Spouses are hiding their retirement savings from each other? (Article) (Marriage vows being revised, if not rewritten …)

Homeland security, a Federal agency considering a takeover of elections from the states because some states have been hacked, has itself been hacked.(Do we want the president controlling all the state election machinery?)

Chicago: 6 dead, 30 wounded in Labor Day shootings. Chicago: 1 dead, 6 wounded over the subsequent weekend. (Peace breaking out?)

Immigration fraud? A Muslim Minnesota legislature candidate apparently married her brother, a non-citizen. No investigation is reported to date.

“U.S. fears Russian cyberattack on election” (A preliminary for Federal takeover of state’s election systems? (Who counts the votes …)

Racially segregated housing is on offer for black students at Calif. State University. (Wasn’t it their grandparents who demanded laws against that?)

Clinton charities ignore a law requiring that they disclose millions from foreign donors? (Report)

Internet regulation  by international agreements was called for by President Obama. Congressional Republicans are opposing the Presidents’ impending transfer of internet controls to an “international body.” (Hmnn … opposing really, or just sounding off?)

Chicago: An 80 year old retired preacher was shot dead by a retired preacher in a wheelchair.

Colleges continue public schools’ social engineering. (Article)  (After college, it’s up to the media?)

ITT’s technical schools are closing under new Federal regulation targeting for-profit colleges. (Government is for jobs, just not for THLSE jobs)

The culture: A police raid of an Amish party in a field resulted in the arrest of 73 people. (Amish party animals? Who knew?)

Droves of African migrants await U.S. entry in Mexico under a secret government pact.

The Department of Defense lets government workers use government plastic at strip clubs and casinos.(Report)

How blacks have fallen with government help.  (Article)

Worse than the Great Depression: One in six American men has no job. (Article)

“It Won’t Be Long Now” – Former U.S. Budget Director sees world finance failing  (Article)

Police: Teen targeting ex-boyfriend, set the wrong car on fire. (Breaking up has never been easy.)

 Trump just called for increased military spending. (He didn’t say where the money would be found.)

An European Union copyright overhaul is raising screams from those financially affected. Generally, it will expand national borders to E.U. borders for copyright purposes and force internet publishers to pay a small subsidy to print publishers for print material used on the net.

The European Union is attempting to wrest more taxing authority from individual E.U. countries.

A dog was reelected mayor of a Minnesota town for a third term.  (Is there something to learn here?)

Airbnb hosts are having difficulty refinancing their homes? (Report) (Now, WHY?)

Louisiana officials demand that self-reliant locals stop surviving their flood without permission. (Article)

5300 Wells Fargo employees are fired and huge fines paid by the bank for its creation of unwanted customer accounts to hype fees for the bank. (Too much pressure on workers for new accounts.)

U.S. commercial bankruptcies soar … (Recovery stumbles forward)

Venezuela: Now, the medicine is running out …(Socialist paradise stage two)

Global ocean shipping is adjusting to commercial decline.(Us, too …)

Debt: Lenders seem to be earning less for accepting more risk.  Scary!

Syria: Russia and the U.S. reportedly agreed to a peace deal, but the terms are secret. (Question: Has the U.S. sold out the Assad opponents to Russia/Iran?)

A Federal appellate court blocked a proof of citizenship requirement for voter registration in 3 states. (See no evil …)

A naked man was beaten, robbed and then arrested after his birthday celebration.

And that is all, for now.

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