GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother weeks’ worth:

The Illlinois governor was furious when the state retirement fund lowered its return forecast, sticking taxpayers with higher taxes. (7% return, down from 7.5%). The Japanese government blew $130 B of pension funds on stocks losses. (A lot of upcoming pensioners face a shock)

Yellen’s economy may never walk normally again. (The Federal Reserve is so politicized)

Central bankers having failed to spend us into prosperity, they are demanding that government do more of it. (Report)  (The world financial system is in the toaster.)

The Department of Justice said that firing migrant workers whose work authorizations have expired is discrimination.  (Report)

Antarctica continues its refusal to behave as instructed by the global warmers. (What to do about disobedient continents that don’t depend upon Federal spending?)

The culture: Europe’s  Potemkin wind turbines  (Giant, rusting eyesores that generate no power)

Much Clinton Foundation cash comes quietly from a Dutch lottery intended for charities. (Report)

Norway  is building a border wall … to fence out refugee Russians.

The European Central Bank is quietly handing cash to large corporations. (Report)

State election systems have been penetrated by foreign hackers, per the FBI. Outdated voting machines are easy to hack. (Yeah … but, who counts the votes?)

German savers are losing faith in banks, stashing cash at home instead. (Invest in mattress makers?)

Michigan serves as an explanatory model of the U.S. public pension financial failure. (Or the lack of any)

The culture: A 70 year old woman was driving to church when three young men drove alongside and threw a Molotov cocktail into her car. (Firebomb)

Recalling “Operation Wetback” when the 1950’s United States deported over two million illegal immigrants. (Article) (It wasn’t the time, either)

2008 was a speed bump on the way to the crash that is arriving now? (Short article)  Here are details.

Why Obamacare is folding. (Reality, no baloney) (Article)

 Chicago: A pair of thugs shot and killed a man for making eye contact with them. (Malocchio, indeed)

Federalized local police seem a goal of George Soros per a leaked plan.

Ten ancient wonders  (That push civilization’s birth further back into the mists of time)

“Social Justice” university housing is offered at University of North Dakota.  Students in the Social Justice LLC will have the option to room with individuals of any “gender identity” as long as all parties agree to the living arrangement.

The culture: Philadelphia police consider “Knockout Game” a possibility in fatal attack. A Beverly Hills doctor was beaten and left for dead in his car. A man was shot to death after not holding a door open for a woman at a Las Vegas McDonald’s.

A key part of Michigan’s civil asset forfeiture law was ruled unconstitutional. (Private property struggling on life support)

Social Security paid out $1.7 M for dead pensioners over a handful of years per an audit.

Meg Whitman, once a Republican candidate for California governor. (Is campaigning for Hillary.)

Is the Obama administration considering nationalizing U.S. elections? (Report)

Turkey requested the U.S. to withdraw support from Syrian Kurds.

Manmade climate change is not disputable by University of Colorado students. (Report)

Canada’s economy suffered the largest quarterly decline in 7 years; hopes for improvement.

A British chef was deafened by eating the “world’s hottest noodles.” (Deafened? Who knew?)

The war on cash: An economics professor says eliminating the $100 bill will reduce crime. (Only by preventing bags of them given to politicians.)

Greenland fossils may show the oldest life on earth, upsetting for many scholars.

The Feds have suddenly embargoed an ammunition ingredient, regulating ammo makers out of production until details can be worked out that will allow it to return.

Sting videos against Planned Parenthood are about to be criminalized by California legislators.

The Epi Pen price fuss explained to us. (Article)

Two driverless mini buses will provide service in Lyon, France for a year to test the concept.

Online trolling is the target for spending a half million dollars by the National Science Foundation.

Government workers now outnumber manufacturing workers in the U.S. by some 9 million. (Maybe we can’t make it, but we can sure re regulate it!)

After billions in subsidies, Michigan’s battery maker bonanza has produced some 900 jobs. (The elephant labored and brought forth a mouse …)

The U.S. Mexico border is riddled with tunnels?

Food costs will rise as California’s new agricultural labor overtime rules take effect.

Is the U.S. selling out Israel and the Kurds for Iran, Syria’s Assads and Turkey?

Routine surgeries will be banned for obese patients and smokers in Britain to save money.

The culture: When a 17 year old black boy slapped a 5 year old white girl’s face on a school bus, school officials were defensive. (Now, if SHE had slapped HIM …)

IBM scientists took a step closer to computing like a human brain, using phase change materials.

Why Mother Teresa of Calcutta is so vehemently hated (Article)

Older universal life insurance policies are becoming trouble? (Article)

A naked woman was arrested while high on drugs.

And so it went …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Interesting about the trolls, can I have a million dollars? I’ll tell them all they need to know.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I think I’s rather you had the money than the government … And who is a troll? Who decides? How does the First amendment apply? Who decides THAT? Await the Leftward drifting Supremes? Hmnn …

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