Political Theater, John C. CAlhoun and Donald Trump


John C. Calhoun

In Milwaukee, a Police shooting sparked a  riot. Channeling Ferguson, Baltimore and a lengthening list of other places, the riot was based upon false information and outside organization. Yes, the victim was black. No, he was not unarmed nor was he shot in the back. He was in fact, sot by a black policemen at whom he appeared to be trying to shoot with his own gun. He also had a lengthy rap sheet. But all that came out after the riot. It seems to have become the pattern.

The riot burned businesses, injured a policeman and shot a man. It chased down white motorists and beat down white observers, including journalists. And tellingly, the core of the riot was apparently imported for the purpose; it was no spontaneous uprising of locals. These days, where you find a riot, you are likely to also find nearby a line of buses that delivered that riot. The core rioters appear to be paid thugs. Someone apparently wants to disturb civil order in America. Someone with big money to spend.

The earlier “occupy Wall Street” riots followed the same scheme, but used white thugs and envy of the wealthy instead of the current black thugs and envy of the whites. The older design fizzled and to date, the black replacement seems to be fizzling too. Too much of the incendiary initiations of these riots are turning out blatant lies and as one result, fewer locals are turning out to join the imported thugs as the violence begins.

But if the primary goal of local civic unrest is not growing as desired, a secondary goal, the Federal supervision of local police, is proceeding apace. We estimate that we will be seeing larger numbers f imported thugs and increasing levels of violence in an attempt to ignite a larger responsive fire. The program’s new “Black Lives Matter” weapon will continue to be sharpened, expanded and wielded more aggressively. Political theater and ordinary life are merging in our electronically connected world. That provides riots that are planned and staged show in which the blood and burning are real.

In the U.S. so far, these shows are mostly tools of the Left at present. The politicians in charge publish their worries over right wing extremists but the reality is for now, otherwise. That is implicit when most of the human tinder for such firestorms are Democratic client groups. If massive immigration reaches a point of irritating Americans enduring economic decline, the less restive, more conservative citizens may add to the unrest, a pattern that appears to be developing in Europe, where right wing politicians are attracting more favor.

John C. Calhoun wrote in 1850 that America would divide into two economically opposed parties: Those who paid taxes and those who battened off those taxes. And so it now has become. And we have the first U.S. President who has operated his office as an unending political campaign using newly available communications. The political parties, or rather the contending wings of America’s basically integrated party, are moving into that same mode of operations.

With that, voters are addressed unceasingly, not just in campaigns. Phones, tablets and street theater are added to mail and traditional media and shocking events and street theater are used to claim voters’ attention and to direct their intentions. Both the public schools and the media have become part of this now perpetual process. Young people are conditioned to become conforming adults to perpetuate a political class that now feels as entitled to it power as it has taught the proletarians to feel entitled to government largesse.

But the promised largesse has not been large enough, the entitled feel cheated. And the politicians seize upon that to use them in the streets. It is happening world wide. In the United States, Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the status quo, attracting support from both Democrats and Republicans invested in things as they are. Donald Trump is the candidate of change, forget that he is, though no politician, an ultimate insider, dependent upon those relationships for his wealth.

But he has his wealth now, the theory goes, so he can afford to stiff the ruling elite and act for the good of the masses. At least, it may be hoped that he can.

Right. Trump’s life in public has been a celebration of Trump. What are his true goals now?  You decide by voting. The Japanese have a line for this: “Rotsa ruck, kid!  I t would be fun to know who is funding Trump …

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