Alfred_E__NeumannA busy week, with a kick in the ending …

U.S. deficits  grow unrestrained. (Actions speak louder than words …)

The Culture: A Trump voter was shot for his opinion, in a Cleveland bar.

U.S. Olympians are booed at the games … and Americans are unpopular worldwide. (Our Prez’ attitude iis catching.)

81% of Americans are worse off than they were in 2005? (Report) (Why else a Trump?)

Update: Market success compared with socialist collapse … Colombia and Venezuela, very different neighbors..

Men’s lingerie has arrived, full of lace. (Decisions, decisions …)

The leaked Dem. Natl. Committee emails  weren’t Russian hacking but the work of an employee , who has been mysteriously murdered?  (Report)

U.S. wages continue to decline, seven years after the ‘recovery’ was declared.

The Culture: A woman assaulted a man who objected to her talking during a movie. (Equality!)

U.S. public schools  are failing while spending over $18,000 a year per student. (Report) (No failure; they’re producing the welfare generations of the future.)

The culture: Public schools continue to punish self-defense by bullying victims. (Can’t have young citizens learning to defend hemselves.)

Wages continue decline. (Apparently not for Mrs. Clinton and Prez Obama, though.)

The Olympic diving pool has suddenly turned green without explanation. (What’s the Portuguese word for: “Chlorine”?)

The games played with E.U. bank solvency tests. (Report) (Makeup to make the sick seem healthy)

Viet Nam is reacting militarily against Chinese illegal expansion in the South China Sea.

Some black Claremont Colleges students are refusing to live with whites. (It’s racism only when whites do it.)

Malia Obama was caught on camera smoking pot? (Report)

The New Black Panthers leader was robbed at gunpoint, called the police for help. (Embarassing!)

Israeli Olympians are meeting Islamic hate in Rio de Janeiro. (They’re lucky they’re no in France.)

Obamacare continues down the financial drain as insurers bleed. (Cheaper, better and you can keep your doctor …)

Is the U.S. Economy consuming more as it produces less? (A new sort of recovery)

Chicago: Nearly 100 people shot in one week. (That’s gun control leadership!)

The Pentagon cannot account for $8 trillion in spending, per the Inspector General. (Report) (It’s called “corruption” )

Big tech companies collude to defeat Trump. (Report) (Remember when big business was considered Republican?)

A Texas woman faces a $700 fine for selling homemade tamales to her neighbors. (Government creating jobs …)

Negative interest rates for citizens have begun in Germany. (Yeah, they have to pay the bank to hold their money, no kidding. Government wants spending, not saving.)

The man who leaked Hillary Clinton’s medical records (showing dementia) was found dead.  (Report)

Winter is coming, warns the solar physicist under attack by global warming forces.

A Texas homeowner opened his garage to find himself facing a 300 lb alligator. (Can they drivea?)

Hillary Clinton has received nearly $240 million since leaving the White House “dead broke.”

Bill Clinton’s pay at a for-profit education company topped $17.5 million. (Government workers doing well …)

The War On Cash begins in the U.S. (It’s all convenience, forget that it provides government control of everyone’s money.)

The Rigged System of Olympic Doping” (Article) (And the NFL, etc. There’s always enough hypocrisy to cover the money available.)

Two naked women were arrested after one kicked a cop in the groin.

And that seems enough …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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