Alfred_E__NeumannA new week’s worth:

Turkey’s coup attempt: A fabricated excuse for an Erdogan purge and clampdown? (Report) (Erdogan’s witch hunt begins. (Report) Erdogan has fired all college deans and suspended 21,000 private school teachers. 60,000 political opponents purged so far in crackdown. The government seized more than two thousand social, education and healthcare institutions and facilities also. (Another constitutional democracy evolves toward a police state. Who’s next?)

A stock market crash will take the California pension system with it.” (Report)  (Good candidate for: ‘Understatement Of The Year)

Another Obamacare co-op goes bust, Illinois this time.

“This is going to get very ugly. Obama has lost control of the Middle East.”  (Report  by a high CIA officer.)  (Prez Carter lost Iran; Bush and Obama have amassed bodies and refugees in destruction. When was that “control” the CIA folk lament? The Thomas Jefferson Administration?)

The U.S. Justice Department is negotiating allowing foreign governments to demand access to data and internet communications from U.S. tech firms. Supposedly, excluding  U.S. citizens. (Any bets?)

The chiefs of 5 public colleges are paid more than $1 million (Report). (And government workers are paid more than private sector ones, too.)

New Jersey busses collided in the Lincoln Tunnel.  (Who’s in charge here?)

Infants prefer toys typed for their gender (Study).

An ax-swing 17 year old Afghan refugee shouting “Allahu akbar” bloodily attacked train passengers in Germany. (Will Chancellor Merkel now demand ax control?)

Government ordered gas mileage standards expect an average 54.5 mpg by 2025.(Who’s kidding whom?)

Giant Deutsche Bank  will close some 200 branches. (The recovery proceeds.)

The culture: An Ohio restaurant served ground glass in an police officer’s sandwich.

2.4 million gallons of sewage were spilled by a broken 1929 pipe in Los Angeles. For now, none knows why.

The culture: L.A. Times suggested a military coup against President Trump? (And the Left is accusing Trump of totalitarianism?)

Germany is suddenly backing away from renewable energy?  (After Britain abolished its global warming department?)

Return to the old spoils system? “Trump to purge  federal government of Obama henchmen with aid of new law making it easier to fire civil servants.”

Why debt around the world is stomping upon economies. (Short, simple article)

FAA small drone regulation is pushed via a you tube video of small drones with a handgun or a small flamethrower attached. (Real9ty is now unreal …)

Homeland Security seizes electronic data records at border crossings, airports, etc. claiming a legal right to examine cell phones, tablets and other such at will. (Report)

A home invasion defender was sentenced to 4 years and to pay $23k damages to the invaders in Finland. He hurt them with a knife too much more than hey managed to hurt him with their gun and baseball bats.

Hillary had an epileptic seizure on camera? (Report, videos)

Hacked: Democratic National Committee emails published by Wikileaks, a scandalous reality check.

A naked male Tunisian streaked through a Padua city square, dodging police and shouting: “Praise to Allah!)A mother and 3 daughters at a French resort were stabbed for scanty clothing (shorts and tee shirts) by a 37 year old Muslim.. (Probably both are nuts, but we expect that good Muslims will condemn only one of the two.)

And that’s all she wrote …

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