GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour weeks’ worth of snippets that seemed significant, or something.

Hugh Hefner declared victory in sexual war (Well, if switching love/procreation to sex/recreation is a ‘victory.’)

Black activists hope killings prompt more action from whites. (Hmnn … “Be careful what you ask for …”)

A new European bank bailout was prescribed by the Deutsche Bank chief economist.   The alarm spread. (Banks, like rattlesnakes, warning before they strikef?)

North Korea advertise a missile test but it took the BBC to reveal its failure.  A recent U.S. anti-missile defense test was publicized as a success but actually, badly missed its target. (A short, fat little Korean and a taller, thin quasi-black American seem to have something in common?)

Black agitators vs Police (Baton Rouge):  The poor against the rich of “Occupy Wall Street” failed to fly high enough; now it’s the blacks against police serving as incitement. The hoodlums are still mostly bussed into town; will it take off this time?)

Black Panthers to bring guns to “protests”.  (The violence attained to date in the Left’s planned, organized “protests” by bussed-into-town thugs  seems unsatisfactory; the New Black Panther Party has issued the order to bring guns to the GOP convention in Cleveland. “if legal.”  Do the black power leaders want a war?)

China: Lost its legal case over its invasive takeover of South China Sea islands owned by neighbors. China is ignoring the court and proceed with its expansion, it says. (A feisty, unemployed kid and an out of work ex-Navy Seal went into a bar …)

China’s space station may be approaching a crash on earth as China loses control of it. (Worrisome, considering the gravity of the situation …)

Fallacies of “The War On Cops.” (Short article by the king of common sense: Thomas Sowell.)

Italian trains killed 11, injured many in a head on crash. (If they can’t keep trains apart, what’s the hope for their banks?) Toll rise later.

Iraq: ISIS continues its decline. (Article)

A pet owner was arrested when his Chihuahua tested positive for meth.

Deficits will worsen without cuts to healthcare/Social Security or large tax increases. (Congressional Budget Office.) (No worries; print more money, right?)

U.S. gun deaths have dropped as gun ownership has grown. (CDC data)  (But, but, but …)

U.S. health care spending now exceeds $10,000 per person, a new record. And rising. (Paying for lots of services for lots of people costs lots of money, especially when those receiving services aren’t those paying.)

The culture: A 75 year old man was beaten unconscious apparently at random, in Greenwich Village. A 20 year old WalMart worker stabbed two apparently at random, on the street. (Post-Christian: When you’re upset, just go out and bash somebody; preferably one who won’t hit back.)

The GOP convention apparently will be left open to demonstrators as police are ordered  by city officials to stay back. (Report)

Closed: Britain’s global warming government department. (Yup, Britain’s new government abolished the whole enchilada. Climate change has no official home in that country’s government any more. (Bet Obama’s gonna be mad?)

U.S. industrial production declined again, for the 10th straight month. It’s the longest decline outside of recession. (If you believe we’re outside of recession.)

Turkey: Military coup  failed. (Islamic dictator next?) Victorious President Erdogan  is prosecuting 2,745 judges and prosecutors and arresting hundreds.  Erdogan shut down U.S. anti- ISIS operations at Turkey’s Incirlik airbase. (Temporarily?)

The Black Lives Matter  local amateurs were called out for today’s “Day of Rage.” But nobody showed up. Fizzle. (For the imminent GOP convention, expect long lines of bussed-in pros. Will they bring guns this time, as told by the Black Panthers?)

War, rumors of war and decaying banks: A warning. (Article)

Helicopter money:  Article (When government spending deficits are funded by central bank loans of non-existent money to be repaid by taxpayer’s real money, later. With interest.

A naked Missouri man and woman were arrested driving along the road on a stolen lawnmower.

Are we watching an era cracking as it starts its dissolution?

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