Seems We’ve Seen It All Before(So Best Not Look, Right?)

TrumpQuestion 1: To which socio-political grouping do we owe our living standard and its underlying technology?

Question 2: What is the comparative status of all others on earth?

Question 3: What is the trend followed by the folk identified for number one above?

Answers are simple and unarguable: Western Christian groupings produced today’s wealthy technological living standards. None other has but copied that, though some are trying to catch up. And the Western groupings are both now post-Christian and seeing financial and civil decline setting in. Historically, the world has seen half the wealth owned by a few and the other half diluted among the many. We seem, as the U.S. and European middle classes dissolve, to be returning to that, although with a more comfortable proletariat resulting from improved technology. A more manageable proletariat too, as everyone’s money, travel, healthcare and more are open books via computers with various governments paying variously increasing attention.

When government is small and weak enough to leave most people alone, some rise up and become wealthy, benefitting others as well by creating jobs, etc. As that spreads, creating more wealthy folk, the resulting advances in tech, business, living standards etc. are not evenly distributed, leaving some low and some high on the economic tree. More low than high, usually though more high than before. Wars often pop up, dumping hordes of ex soldiers into a tough job market. The new wealth takes decades to be more evenly distributed. That provides a lot of disgruntled folk open to political promises to use government to distribute the wealth more evenly. Voting such into office is always easier than going out to become an entrepreneur oneself.

But when that politician is elected, the drive to create new wealth is diluted by knowing that one who gains it will have it taken by government and handed to others who have done nothing to earn it. Wealth production then ceases as government cannot order it into being. All returns to the status quo before the new wealth was created. A very old story that some decades back, was even taught in public schools. Just human nature in normal operation, right?

Western Christian mores included personal honesty, hard work and a powerful self-reliance coupled with a problem-solving outlook. And a human life was the most precious gift and so, a great responsibility to preserve.

However, those are hard virtues met only as the old Biblical admonition had it, in the sweat of our faces at best. Politicians selling much easier entitlements taken forced others to alleviate the sweat and of course, risk of life under such principles have always found listeners.

Convenience abortion, recreational sex, subsidized healthcare, retirement and a stream of added new goodies as time passed sure beats a sweaty face, don’t they? Every time, sooner or later per our history.

And then, the freebies pass the point of no economic return and the whole thing collapses into reality – again. As it is today in Venezuela. Same old, same old And yet, always somehow, enticingly new.

The more that we change …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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