Who Is Funding Political Demonstrators?

Black LivesIn 2011, a lot of money was spent organizing, transporting and paying young people to “demonstrate” via quasi riots under the signature: “Occupy Wall Street.“ Most of the demonstrators were young white people. Wherever they appeared en masse’, there were likely to be rows of empty buses nearby; their ride in and out. They were then, a core of hired thugs who often did not live where they ‘demonstrated.’

The planned, funded “protests” did not ignite the masses but fizzled. The U.S. was not destabilized, if that had been the goal. A scripted pitting of the poor against the rich did some property damage and hurt a few participants but that was about it. A waste of organizing and of money for all but the bus companies.

The obviously Left wing sponsors of that program are now apparently trying to use black versus white instead of rich versus poor, with “Black Lives Matter” at the center of the latest attempt at civil war. The same rows of empty buses appear and no doubt the same social media organizing. The “demonstration out of control” tactics are on display but now, most of the young hoodlums are black instead of white.

The violence has been escalating, peaking so far in Dallas with some 12 shot of whom 5 are apparently dead. Whether that shooter was part of the planned activities remains unknown and probably, unlikely but will set a standard nevertheless. The New Black Panther Party has told its GOP convention demonstrators to bring guns, “if legal.” Obviously, the level of violence is intended to escalate.

How far it is allowed to go will depend upon the managements of the cities involved.  Some mayors and police chiefs have ordered officers not to interfere unless too many people were endangered. Such folk after all, vote. Others, including liberal bastion Los Angeles, controlled things from the outset. It will be interesting to see how it goes in Cleveland for the GOP.  We fearlessly predict that, regardless that the entire Cleveland scene will be anti-Trump, he will be blamed for it regardless.  And when Hillary’s mandatory “equivalent” demonstration is staged, she will be afterwards credited with its safety and lack of thuggery and damage.  Any bets?

One of the theories du jour says that this will be intended to excuse President Obama’s declaration of martial law and stalling off the election, keeping him in office. We don’t know whether it is our tinfoil hat protecting us or the fact that the Constitution fails to provide for martial law, but we doubt that one for now.  Lesser enhancements of Federal police power however, are not unthinkable. Who would have predicted being searched by a Federal cop before boarding a flight on September 10,, 1991?

In any case, a lot of money and organization is going into these “demonstrations.” You’d think that journalists would be telling us whose money and organization, right? Unless perhaps some of that same money pays their salaries … but who would believe such a thing, these days?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Who Is Funding Political Demonstrators?

  1. Pete says:

    Just to underline your point….. when a ‘small local’ black lives matter group had a demonstration here in Dallas and were confronted by a ‘small local’ all lives matter group without any outside influence the outcome was vastly different and totally unexpected. I wrote about this on my blog and you can find the video shot for CNN there of the confrontation.

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