GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother week having escaped, herewith a partial list of attachments:

Britain’s E.U. exit vote: A people’s revolution? The E.U. vote triggered open conflict in political parties. Germany’s Merkel demands stop to any wishing to follow Britain out. (E.U. A bus full of quarreling passengers, driven by a committee.)

Iceland: A political novice won the presidency on a wave of anti-establishment votes. (Sounds familiar …)

Drivers’ to be taxed by the mile in East coast states? (Think some places will cost more than others?)

99 Illegals are dropped at a bus stop daily. (Report)

The Culture: A Florida mayor was carjacked at gunpoint outside his home. (A mayor driving his own car?)

Chicago: 4 dead, 26 wounded in weekend shootings.

Why does the IRS need military rifles? Why have Federal non-justice agencies expanded officers with power to arrest to nearly triple their 1996 level while stockpiling billions of dollars in weapons and ammunition? (We have no idea; you tell us …)

The Democrats’ national platform presently calls for criminalization of global warming dissent. (Will violation earn burning at the stake?)

 The Culture: Victims’ family upset; onlookers took photos instead of helping woman stabbed to death on subway. (A viral video’s worth more than a bloody vandage?)

The Supreme Court ruled (Voisine vs U.S.) that government may deprive citizens of 2nd Amendment gun rights; abusive family members in this case. (That is, the Court has replaced the Constitution) A Federal judge (A Reagan appointee) has said that the Constitution is obsolete and should be less influential. (Think we haven’t noticed?)

 An enormous helium field has been discovered in Tanzania. (A game changer, not to be made light of.)

Global Cooling arises again as the sun’s low jinks grab weather attention. (Can’t they make up their minds?)

 Europe’s Central Bank channeled the 2008 Federal Reserve last week –quietly- to prop up sinking banks. (Borrowing a broken crutch?)

New climate science (not politicized) recognizing precession and CO2 … and dust and planetary albedo.

The Culture: A woman used a hatchet to threaten a man for refusing sex. (Whatever body part she intended to chop was not reported.)

Puerto Rico : This week’s Congressional legislation will provide an island default Friday and an appointed Board to manage the island’s equivalent of bankruptcy. Lobbyists massed to protect debt holders; only Congressfolk were available to protect the nation’s taxpayers. Time will expose who is screwed. (Shouldn’t it be the Lefty politicians who ran up the bad debt?)

The Culture: A New Jersey elementary school called police because a 3rd grader used the word “brownie.” Yes, he was referring to the confection.

Federal internet regulation is coming per FCC and FEC commissioners. (Why?)

Chicago: A man forced 2 women to provide sex at gunpoint. (!!)

Predicted: By 2025, women will have more sex with robots than with men. (Will robots identify as boys or girls?)

S & P downgraded the European Union’s credit. (A cloud upon the horizon, no bigger than a man’s hand …)

A self-driving Tesla crashed, killing its owner when on-board cameras failed to register an oncoming truck. (Self-driving IS as safe as a human driver!)

Journalists are investigated under secret FBI rules that avoid court approvals.

Italy bailed out another failing bank. (Politicians giving away taxpayer money. Who’s to bail out he taxpayers in the en?)

Another night club shooter Sunday  somehow wasn’t news after he was stopped by a gunowner on the spot.

Healthcare costs have risen sharply and the trend will likely continue. (But Republicans will “fix” Obamacare, not repeal it.)

Stop U.S. funding Palestinian attacks on Israelis? (Too retro!)

Starbucks vaunted minimum wage hike hit reality: Fewer work hours for baristas. (Reality vs public school grads who can’t do the math.)

A naked man took over Times Square, screaming about Donald Trump. (In the heart of Manhattan, it’s hard to guess whether his costume or his dialogue attracted more attention.)

With that, we give up for the week.


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