Alfred_E__NeumannStuff and nonsense from politics to reality:

The culture: Two girls headed home from high school were brutally beaten by a gang of teens in Washington D.C. (This has become common; is it racially patterned? Apparently, we aren’t to be told.)

Omar Matin’s recorded 911 phone call during his Orlando gay night club attack was released by the Department of Justice after it censored and redacted some of it.  (Your government knows what it will allow you to know.) Later: After a negative reaction, an unedited version was released.

An ISIS recruiting program links the Orlando shooter with other recent attack attempts.

Gun control with common sense instead of politics (Short Article) (In our opinion, of course)

How Israel succeeds  and Orlando failed in preventing Islamic terrorism. (Short Article)

How the Welfare State is Dying (And what to expect) (Article) (You won’t like it but it’s real)

California, a magnet during the Great Depression, now produces refugees eager to escape. (Progress….)

Education: A panicked dad was arrested for leaving a baby in a hot car, then trying to save her by putting her in a refrigerator, after which she died. (What else was left for her to do?)

Britain having voted out of the European Union, France, Italy and the Netherlands now want to vote too.

Chicago: 3 dead, 17 wounded in weekend shootings.

A woman called 911 to complain that she was held hostage by her cat.

The Culture: A mother was arrested, jailed and her kids taken after she strapped them with a belt for stealing. (“Spare the rod and spoil the child” takes on a new meaning …)

A Senate bipartisan gun proposal empowers the Attorney General to block gun purchases using no-fly and terror watch lists. A House Republican introduced a similar bill. (Both parties want to disarm the citizens.) (GOP leaders ay hold off the voting until after the election.)

“There is more truth in the National Enquirer than in the deceitful columns of the New York Times and Washington Post.”(Why the Enquirer rules out a Hillary presidency)

France, Italy and the Netherlands now want an E.U. vote too. (Europe c’est mort … )

Making Britain an “associate partner” of the E.U. has been suggested. (A rose by any other name, would smell …)

And now, Texas as activists push for secession from the United States. (The wetbacks’ll never go for it …)

How censorship  proceeds at Google, Facebook, You Tube etc. (In case you wondered)

The first gun owner database  is underway in Hawaii. (In a decade, the only part of a gun a citizen will recognize will be the little hole in the end of it.)

A drone fell, hitting a woman in the head. (Hmnn … Droning Under the Influence?)

China said it cut official communications with Taiwan, in response to election of a Taiwanese President of whom it disapproved.

A judge said that the FBI may hack your computer without a warrant or even suspicion. (The Constitution died in Texas with Antonin Scalia.)

Minnesota Blue Cross/Blue Sheild dropped Obamacare after large losses.

Believers in poll results will be annoyed; realists amused by this report.

Maine: The governor’s wife has a summer job as a waitress at a dockside seafood restaurant; she needs money for a new car. (She evidently knows more economics than does her husband?) (Brava!)

A naked man was arrested for sitting in a back parking lot. (If they hadn’t arrested him, they’d likely have had to pay him at least minimum wage.)

And thus the wooly week.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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