GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour bits of our all too human conedy:

The Culture: A 63 year old Georgia man answered his door one night carrying a gun and was shot dead by police who had arrived at the wrong house. More culture: “The Voice” singer, 22 year old Christina Grimmie, was shot to death by a nutcase while signing autographs in Florida. (Not a Moslem in sight)

Chicago weekend: 5 killed, 28 wounded.

Puerto Rico:  The Supreme Court held that the island cannot restructure its debt, leaving resolution to Congress.

Facebook banned columnist Pamela Geller for criticizing President Obama’s refusal to mention Islam in connection with the Orlando shooter. (It’s only censorship when government does it?)

Secretary of State Kerry warned against pointing the finger at religion after the Orlando mass shooting. (He won’t blame religion that preaches jihad but he’ll blame a gun that doesn’t preach?)

California doctors may now legally help you kill yourself. (Wanna bet whether Obamacare covers it?)

A Chinese surgeon wants to perform the first head transplant.  (It sounds as though the surgeon needs one.)

Multiple suspects sought for Orlando shooting? (Naw, he was alone among a couple hundred who politely waited over three hours while he repeatedly reloaded, phoned 911 and posted to the internet).

The culture: A 14 year old boy robbed 12 and 13 year old girls at gunpoint.

Spain: The once commanding socialists have fallen to financial reality as “Throw the bums out” grows in Europe.

The culture: Britain’s Prince William will appear on the upcoming cover of a gay magazine. (Hmnn … Royal dinner conversation must be interesting, these days))

Gender Confusion and women’s equality in sports under Title IX law. (Article re) (Feminists now quiet about what used to be girls’ athletics as well as Moslem treatment of women?)

Birds’ brains contain significantly more neurons than those of similarly sized mammals. (Birdbrain now a compliment?)

Ironic : Saudi Arabia, aA country that executes gays pledged to help the U.S. avenge the Orlando gay nightclub attack.

2008 Redux: The big banks and other usual suspects announced that they are returning to the subprime mortgage terms that destabilized the mortgage market, triggering the 2008 crash. (Plus ca change’ …)

The Federal Reserve backed away from raising interest rates again (They can destroy banks or the currency from here; impoverishing bankers/investors or the ordinary citizens. Watch the ‘nonexistent inflation’ accelerate, we bet.)

Moslem terrorism explained without the politics (Shrt article).

Homeland Security Boss: “Right wingers are as much threat as Islamic extremists.” The Orlando security contretemps at a gay nightclub is excusing tighter control of citizens  and disarming them by claiming that “Right wing extremists” are an equal threat with Moslems. (No ‘right wing extremist’ examples provided, right? The Orlando guy was a registered Democrat.)

The unpublished aspects of deindustrialization. (Article)  (What you’re seeing that they’re not saying about the economy.)

Switzerland withdrew its application to join the European Union: “Only lunatics want to join now.”

The Department of Justice said that the “No Fly” list can be used to ban gun buyers. (The list lacks due process and transparency; Constitutionalists may disagree.) Trump on Guns: The candidate will discuss those listed on ‘no-fly’ and ‘terror watch’ lists with the NRA.

Disney World will post warning signs after a four year old was drowned by an alligator.  (Alligators can read?)

Brazil/Olympics: Rio State declared financial disaster as the August Olympics approaches. The state said it will not be able to perform some of its pledged Olympic support from lack of money.

Diamonds grown in labs are finally arriving as jewelry and feature high quality with lower prices.

World Finance : What to worry about and why (Short article).

A naked man was arrested after a woman reported finding him in her home.

And so went the Tides of Men (and of course, women, LGBTs and any unintentionally omitted.)

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