Womens’ Progress via Feminists and Democrats

that-slutWomen have progressed since the Left took up their interests. In fact, their gains are remarkable. Per recent Pentagon decisions, women are now eligible to die on battlefields in combat assignments and are being pushed for participation in the military draft.  That is a new privilege long excluded in history and only now available after heroic efforts by Democrats in the U.S.

Another gain attributable to tireless Democrats was Title IX, the law that forced equal investment in  women’s sports, an area long neglected in favor of men’s sports. Women’s tennis, basketball, volleyball and other professional sports were a response. Progress! The Left clinched its parental position with legal convenience abortion. A woman who was not a Democrat was not thinking clearly.

But the Democrats, not satisfied to rest on their attainments, have also progressed. Now in service to homosexuals, the Left has succeeded in mandating the new Bathroom Boogie; the sharing of boys’ or girls’ dressing rooms and showers with any of the biologically opposite sex who claim that their psychological sexuality contradicts their biology. We take their word for that, their biological facts are irrelevant.

Taken to its logical extreme, such sexually confused folk admitted to showers with the opposite sex, must also be admitted to the athletic programs of the opposite sex, right? For consistency, if for nothing else. And so it is: A teen male recently set track and field records in girls’ athletics.We have written of it before.

While we do not expect women to stop voting for Democrats because they are now thrown under the bus any more than Democrats, Jews or union members have done as each of them has been downgraded,  there is a reason for their clinging to the hand that slaps them.

Unfortunately for all, the reason is that the Republicans do not offer any better deal. Both parties tacitly if not vociferously support the same goals, or most of them.

A realistic woman might notice that dying in battle isn’t much of a gain. That losing access to girls’ athletic records isn’t much of a gain. We can only guess the impact on professional women’s sports, but it’s hard to imagine that such impact will be favorable.

Political correctness, the offspring of the Left today, is making the women’s sports it claimed to revere into a laughing stock.  And any attempt to reverse that will indict the Left in public. The Left has as it so often does, overreached. (The Right does it too.)

The final (and ignored by the media) aspect of this is the present protection of Islam with its misogynistic values so energetically overlooked by reporters and politicians. Moslems are protected; their treatment of women receives a pass. Democrat women are looking up at the bottom of a passing bus. Republicans could capitalize if they were willing to differ with the Dems but they instead, claim to differ without actually doing so. How many of the GOP have you heard bad mouthing the Saudis or opposing wrapping up women into near invisibility? Sure!

U.S. women face but are ignoring a problem: Neither party is committed to their interests now and their far Left and Lesbian-ish past leadership has dumped them. They bought their free sex and convenience abortion with political support; having been paid in advance, they are supposed to sit down and shut up now. Having been paid, their complaints are now out of order, so they are not complaining.

You can’t complain after you have sold out, right?


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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