Liberty Or Security: Which Is Worth Its Price?

Second AmendmentOmar Matin was a native born American citizen whose parents came from Afghanistan. His brief marriage ended over his brutality and instability, per his ex wife. Most who knew him saw him as only nominally Moslem though a few disagreed; he had made the required pilgrimage to the Islamic holy places. At 29, he shot over 50 people dead and wounded as many more in an Orlando gay night club, setting an American record for mass shootings. The ISIS terrorists claimed credit for his act. His father afterward said that he was a homophobe who had reacted to seeing two men kissing; that the carnage had “nothing to do with religion.” Matin was shot dead by responding police after he had taken hostages at their arrival. He can’t tell us why he murdered his victims. What are we to think?

First, let’s list some thoughts that we should not think. ACLU lawyers blamed the “Christian Right and the GOP.” (Matin was a registered Democrat.) President Obama, responding, blamed the availability of guns. Matin owned a handgun with a security officer’s permit to carry it; he executed his attack in a ‘gun free zone.’ He had twice been investigated by the FBI over Islamist concerns. The common denominator here seems to us that everything is politicized, not real. The only reality here is realpolitik.

Worldwide and throughout its fifteen hundred year history, Islam has produced murderous terrorists who have been overtly or tacitly supported by large percentages of the Islamic population. That proceeds from basic Moslem writings. It has never changed. Islam is not about peace; it is about submission. A “Moslem” is one who submits. Jihadis are merely actively pursuing submission. Allahu akbar! That has never been a significant U.S. problem for lack of a significant Moslem U.S. population. Until 9/11/1991.

Cheap flights and cell phones have extended Moslem presence and related jihad, fueled in recent decades by Saudi and others with oil money. The play is now performed on a larger stage. And both European and U.S. politicians are importing as many Moslems as they can manage, in the name of multiculturalism. Never mind the assimilation barriers and cultural conflicts. The politicians have constructed a time bomb in Europe and are building one in the U.S.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly said tonight that events like Omar Matin’s mass murder cannot be prevented. He is correct, seems to us. Matin appears a lone nutcase, like others who have been shooting up theaters, schools, Army bases etc. Real ISIS terrorists use the internet to recruit such; it’s cheap and easy. And unstoppable in any place with a degree of personal liberty. Freedom is costly and an unpaid bill is arriving.

Politicians will use every succeeding event to forward their agendas, which will include two programs: First, emasculate the second Amendment so as to disarm the population. Second, tighten restrictions of personal liberty in the name of ‘security.’ And of course, continue the mass movements now in use for their political purposes. The current push to ‘regulate’ the internet is no small part of this, proceeding if you look, in Europe and North America.

Islamic Jihad is proving useful to the rulers; it provides, with helpful media assistance, both distraction from other issues and the excuse to assert more control and demand more money for government. Call it a win – win? Well, excluding taxpaying citizens.

So expect no admission that Islam is a problem for non-Islamic populations; expect no precautions ‘profiling’ young male Jhadis traveling and do expect more domestic shoot-em-ups. Note too that more of that is coming from our abandonment of Christian morality and our decision to stop locking up nuts in favor of putting them on the street, hoping that they take their meds. A lot of chickens are homing in on our roost. Our politicians, treating most of this as they treat their financial chaos, won’t even discuss it in public. We reelect them anyway.

Summing up: Islam is a worldwide problem for non-Islamic populations as well as for Islamic ones. But that is not a problem in the West, even with all the Moslems in Europe. The problem is the politicians and the voters who elect them. For Islam, solutions are available, if presently unwanted. For politicians and voters, not so much …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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4 Responses to Liberty Or Security: Which Is Worth Its Price?

  1. michael Curtis says:

    Anyone with a brain knows when government provides more and more security at the cost of freedom the only thing you can be sure is you will be less secure, the government becomes the threat.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Yeah … Government’s laws aren’t infallible nor reliably followed sure enough, but Murphy’s law is yet to be evaded, seems to me.

      And “Nothing is free” is more fundamental than nuclear physics, isn’t it?

  2. Pete says:

    Incite-full posting. I struggled with the incident in Orlando for a couple days and was prompted to write about it because of obama calling for new gun regulations. I know I will probably loose a few of the blogs followers but for the first time since I started my blog I have had to balance on the fence between Trump and oboma.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, for me, they’re both used car salesmen. President O just followed his predecessor’s policies, expanding on some, reducing a few as it looks from here. And we don’t yet know what Trump or Clinton will do but it won’t surprise if they mostly follow that pattern too. With a few differences to please different interest groups.

      I suspect that Trump is no wild card, merely a less hostile than it seems takeover to coopt the clearly unhappy electorate. Maybe that’s too cynical? I hope so, but don’t ask me to bet on it … So I guess I’m on your fence too, but likely voting “NO” for President, as of the moment. And your damn fence has pointed pickets to sit on …

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