GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannA very large serving of human affairs and whatever….

Switzerland : Voters resoundingly rejected a free, unearned monthly basic income for everyone. (But the idea is still pending in Canada, the Netherlands,, Finland and other places.)

Revolutionary new lens tech was announced by Harvard researchers. It promises better and cheaper images in cell phone cameras, microscope and most other optical devices.

A transgender (biological male) athlete set records in girls’ track and field in Alaska.

Culture: A middle-aged woman in a wheelchair was slashed in the face by an unknown young black male attacker in East Harlem.

Culture: Texas is said to be setting records for teacher-student sexual relationships, blaming social media. (Or could it be getting out more often?)

Foreign Policy: Deepening Israeli ties with Russia is important for security, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said. (What with President Obama and E.U. folk becoming anti-Israel, no surprise.)

Chicago: 7 dead, 32 wounded over the weekend in Gun Control City.

The Culture: A former Romney and “Stop Trump” strategist is now working for a pro-Trump superPAC. (Political loyalty defined by paycheck?)

The Voters: “Nausea Rising” is short, enjoyable and explains today’s voter attitude perfectly. (Article) Ron Paul (Retired Congressman) put it in different words. Rome has anti-establishment voters, too.

Moslem terrorism: An unusually honest and historically accurate explanatory article. (In our opinion.)

A naked, crazed college senior had to be extracted from the hopper of a garbage truck, per police. (Was he throwing himself out?)

By halting cheap Chinese steel imports, the Obamafolk will protect U.S. producers at consumer expense.

The Feds spend almost $20,000 settling each refugee who then is eligible for welfare, food stamps, housing and medical aid. (Report) (American streets really are paved with gold, right?)

Venezuela: Hunger grows in the ‘Socialist Paradise.’ Local party bosses will now decide who receives food. (Yep, that’s socialism sure enough.)

3-parent babies are about to arrive in Britain, per report. (Trivorce ahead?)

Robot postal carriers? (Not until they join the Postal Union, right?)

Removal of citizens’ Constitutional protections to empower the FBI was implicit in proposed amendments from two GOP Senators this week. (Report)

The Obama program to ‘diversify’ neighborhoods nationwide was quietly saved by GOP Congressfolk . The plan aims to mix the poor with the middle class, Hispanics, blacks etc. with whites, renters with homeowners, etc. in local housing at taxpayer expense. (Illegals?)

Police seizure of citizens’ cash/property without court action and in the absence of conviction for crime is proceeding in New Mexico cities in spite of its newly illegal status. (Government is the ultimate scofflaw.) Asset Forfeiture in the U.S. (Short descriptive article) Police can now seize money from your bank account or a debit card, using a new gadget. (When cops can do it, who else will too?)

Google is directly involved in the Clinton campaign, per report. (Why?)

Michigan: Another state with overpromised pensions and poor financial management.

Ron Paul (Retired Congressman): “We don’t really have democracy in America” (Article)

A massive IRS scandal: (If the IRS is crooked, what must the rest be like?) (That it is so ignored should be a lager scandal.)

Alzheimer’s : A reliable diagnostic blood test has been developed.

Internet Domain Name supervision is to transfer from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce to a group of internet stakeholders. (Who will benefit?)

Airport luggage robots will weigh and carry your bags for you. (Tips?)

Food Stamp Cards ‘ (EBT)  are not functioning properly, per report.  Too many glitches occur.

Puerto Rico debt default issues were addressed in a House bill headed for the Senate.  The bill leans toward screwing the island’s creditors rather than toward a taxpayer screwing bailout.

Schools are told to teach foreign children in the languages spoken at home and in ways that preserve their (foreign) cultures per recent Obama Administration directives. (Hell, public schools can’t even teach them in English!)

Illegals will vote in San Francisco School elections if they have kids in school and a proposal from the Board of Supervisors passes in the November election. (Coming to little difference between wetbacks and citizens at this rate.)

The U.S. fertility rate reached an all-time low in 2015, (With low births, who’s gonna support retirees?)

A Multiple Sclerosis cure may be near; researchers reported extraordinary results.

Philippines: Newly elected President Dunterte is proving so incorruptible that gang lords have been raising bounties for his assignation. (U.S. gang lords don’t seem to share the concern …)

Negative interest rates are generating opposition where they exist and elsewhere. (Reality setting in?)

Bestiality was declared legal by Canada’s Supreme Court, provided that “No penetration takes place.” (Well, it’s Canada …)

Prez Obama has proposed a huge tax increase on U.S. sourced oil. (Gasoline is too cheap …)

China: Worker restlessness draws attention to the Mandate of Heaven.

Leaving the E.U. is gaining in Britain and Italy. (Dissatisfied voters everywhere …) International Big Business is fighting Britain’s E.U. withdrawal. (They’d have to buy a new lot of politicians?)

Though the Feds have collected record taxes, they continue a massive deficit. (Spending us rich since President Roosevelt …) (So why ain’t we rich?) Average household income decline continues.

No Republican U.S. Senate candidate – a first – will appear on California’s coming runoff ballot. (Well, hard to distinguish CA Republicans from the Dems anyway …)

Why expected pensions  are now a risky bet. (Article) (Alternative title: “Retiring on Political Promises.”)

A naked only restaurant opened in London; no clothes, no phones and a 44,000 waiting list. Tokyo: Naked only restaurant bans overweight patrons, has huge waiting list. (It’s the food, right?).

There, we give up for now.

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