Globalism, The Miracle Drug …

Obama Snake OilFolk such as America’s Obama, Germany’s Merkel, the U.K.’s Cameron and others of like stripe are “Globalists,” which says that they put the interests of the entire planet ahead f the interests of any nation. Note that this automatically puts any duty of theirs toward those who elected them into a small minority of their responsibilities. Note too that it leaves the definition of those  larger interest entirely up to the politician taking that stance. Parsing that, he/she/it may do as he/she/it likes. Handy, what?

Outside the West, Globalism differs a bit. A Russian or Chinese globalist for instance, is looking toward a globe subservient to Russia or China. Old fashioned, that. Crude.

The Western version is one of the energizers behind the Left’s programs of diversity, equality of results and multiculturalism. You will have trouble dumping all the world’s disparate populations into a single pot under a single government (over which each Western leader sees him/her/itself presiding)  unless you homogenize them into miscible components.

That is why for instance, America’s middle class is dissolving back into the proletariat more comparable with the rest of the world under current government policy. Covered by repeated reports of economic well-being that do not match visible reality. Will you believe what you are told or your lying eyes?

Just one economic fact to bear in mind: If you are going to stabilize the entire economic world, you have to equalize costs. That mans raising Chinese and Indian living standards while reducing those of the West until they meet in the middle. That is what globalist governors are doing, though of course not advertising among the folk programmed to decline. Globalists are a lot of things, stupid is not one of them. A lot of them don’t believe in globalization, they just use it to get ahead. That won’t be admitted either.

The present flooding of Europe with alien Moslems from the Middle East and Africa and of North America with hordes of Spanish-speaking Latinos is motivated as said, by Democrats seeking votes and Republicans seeking cheap labor. But it is even more than those, seen as a tool for intermixing populations and thereby, homogenizing them for globalization. In Europe, the reluctance of Moslems to integrate is conveniently overlooked for the moment. Omelets require broken eggs, etc. (Politicians always gain, the people always pay, right? And vote the pols back in at the nest election.)

Western leaders and Bilderbergers to the contrary notwithstanding, all this is arrant nonsense. In the Middle East, the Arabs are killing each other en masse’ because they cannot govern themselves and they are a uniform culture, religion and language group. As close as it gets on that scale anyway.

Working from the other end, the United Nations would be more honestly titled the Untied Nations, would it not? And it does not seem to even govern itself very well, let alone the world. All of this seems somehow to be sensed, if dimly, by American voters. It is being seized upon by Donald Trump alone among top politicians. He will make America GREAT AGAIN, he says and voters clearly approve. They may not understand but they know that they have been had.

Sadly, Mr. Trump nor any other will deliver that. First, they cannot; it must come from the American populace itself. For that, the government must first, get out of the way, a massive reversal of the last say, one hundred or so years. The likelihood of that seems currently remote, but such things must start somewhere.

For now, the globalists are still in charge and still offering a bowl of stew for the citizens’ birthrights. Nothing new. Our species seems slow learners …


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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    We all happen to share this tiny planet. It is responsible to view and evaluate issues from a global perspective

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