A Boy Is Setting Girls’ Athletic Records In Alaska

Man in Ladies Locker RoomYou knew that it had to happen. A transgender (biological male) set records in girls’ track and field in Alaska. Well, perhaps the Alaska part wasn’t so obvious as was the appearance of biological males in heretofore all biological female athletics.  Put another way Title Nine, the law passed to force athletic spending equality for women, now stands on its head. It is being used to forward the interests of those whom it was built to reduce, and it does it at the expense of those females it was meant to protect. Of course, that sort of outcome is not an uncommon result of government meddling in human affairs.

We have already been assured that all that a biological male needs for mandated entry into female dressing rooms, showers, etc. is willingness to claim that he sees himself as female or as in the present case, as a female winning medals.  In short, the left wing nuts are running the asylum. Ridiculous as this is, it follows irrefutably once you have shoved women into military combat.

In this line, any African gorilla may demand a place in a group of chimpanzees  by seeing himself – or at least, saying that he sees himself – as a chimpanzee. However, we suppose that chimpanzees might well see through this and call foul. Chimps appear to face reality pretty well.

If human females were not generally more realistic than males, we should expect girls trying out for quarterback too. NFL earnings are very unfair by current logic,; show us a single female NFL player! Shouldn’t we expect demands for 50% female representation on NFL teams?  And for 50% male representation in the New York City Corps de Ballet? All of whom latter need only feel that that they are in reality, female, never mind inconvenient biological realities. We sneer at those!

We can expand this further: If we feel somehow that we are rich and famous but unkind reality has deprived us of those,  are we not owed them by the larger society just as wishful female boys are owed access to girls’ showers or girls’ athletics in Alaska

Wonderful logic; it should immediately eliminate poverty, right? The ultimate triumph of wishful thinking over reality.  Reality sucks; elect me and I’ll make it go away! Sure!


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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4 Responses to A Boy Is Setting Girls’ Athletic Records In Alaska

  1. Yep, like we didn’t see this coming, right? Now girls can compete in all areas of life as completely equal participants… just slightly smaller, a bit slower, and having less muscle mass then our competitors. Yep, this should end well.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Perhaps it has a way to go … smaller, slower, less muscular unarguably, but it seems likely that girls’ advantage in smarts will show up before this epic nonsense culminates …

  2. Michael Curtis says:

    Yeah I see myself with the girls for sure not the boys… What if you are a lesbian, you are female that likes females, should you go in the men’s showers so that you have no interest in those around you? Isn’t that why we separate the sexes, so that only business goes on in those areas. I think half of the lesbians (the girl half) should shower in the men’s showers so they are not ogled by other lesbians… 🙂

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hmnn … Providing lesbians rape by boys in order to prevent their being offended by straight girls. Is it certain that say, San Francisco hasn’t done that already?

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