Have U.S. Women Won A Devil’s Bargain?

Girls in CombatWomen have gone to war since prehistory. Generally though, not in the line of battle. Men are just bigger, stronger warriors for one thing. For another, a man can make his replacement in a few seconds; a woman requires nine months for production and another few years for finishing. The future of a population is at less risk when it loses men; that risk grows enormously if it loses its women.

But in our politicized Western cultures, politics has turned that biological reality on its head; dumping females into combat is a political goal. Recognizing biology is no more a factor than recognizing real temperature measurements for climate analysis. We are putting women into military combat just as we are admitting high school boys to the high school girls’ dressing rooms. We’re awaiting news of the showers any day now.

The first American female soldier captured by the Iraqis during the U.S. invasion of that country lived to be return to her country. We never heard a word of how she was treated; no media interviews and no details of her experience became public. Nor has a public word about her appeared since. More recently, we have heard a very loud silence about the treatment of the ten American sailors captured by Iran for allegedly straying into Iranian waters. Some of those sailors were female. We know how Moslems think of females. Perhaps there is a reason we have heard nothing of the ten hours that the sailors were captives; it is no secret that Iran does not love America.

In WWII entire cities full of civilians were demolished by massive bombing;few were surprized. It was done by all sides. A war is intended to kill people and demolish property until someone gives up.

But America, while it continues exporting warts around the world to do those things to others, has seen no significant war at home since 1865. Americans do not see what they are doing elsewhere, so they can ignore it. Until cell phones and the internet rub their noses in it by denying the media the ability to pretend it isn’t there.

That communication has bound up the U.S. military with media oversight; American generals who allow their soldiers to kill Afghan or Iraqi civilians to get at Taliban or ISIS in their midst are removed or replaced. U.S. soldiers have been denied self defense when local civilians are present so the terrorists deliberately use them as shields. Before the Russians came, American airstrikes against ISIS were relatively ineffective as a result of civilians used as shields.The Russians in Syria have been less fussy and have done better.

America has failed to win any of the post WWII wars it has entered. It has forgotten what wars are; it thinks of them merely as useful political tools. But wars are a feature of human history and will not cease. Nor will nuclear weapons remain only in a few hands. And with new missiles, more countries are able to bombard North America from afar.

The United States Navy can no longer protect its country from attack; too many of its ships are now mainly missile targets. And like Europe, Russia, China and others already, the U.S. has run out of money; its military posture is built on borrowing and so is creating more weakness than strength.

And in the midst of this decline, U.S. politicians, over the advice of the generals and admirals who are experienced warriors, is embedding less capable fighters into its combat troops. Apparently, the pols have forgotten what war is or perhaps, don’t care who wins.

From the female standpoint, it seems that a woman has acquired the power to kill her inconvenient unborn baby, certainly a significant gain if you’re not the baby. But in return, she has to be ready to let the boys into her daughters dressing rooms at school and of course, be prepared to die on a battle field. Quite a bargain …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Have U.S. Women Won A Devil’s Bargain?

  1. Pete says:

    Woman have for decades uttered the mantra ‘equal rights for woman’ now they are faced with the ultimate result… I say be careful what you wish for and welcome to my world!

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