GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour assembled selections :

The Feds are planting warrantless microphones in public places  to gather evidence for prosecutions. (Trees, light bulbs, park benches,)

One person in every ten uses her phone during sex, per report. (How do they know, really?)

Montana’s Supreme Court cleared the way for illegal aliens to receive the same state benefits and services provided citizens. (Ain’t equality grand?)

The U.N. Security Council is under pressure to end internet anonymous use by requiring registration before anyone is allowed to post anywhere. (Censorship upcoming …)

Electric vehicles emit more pollution than do fossil fuel driven vehicles (Study). (Hmnn …)

The South China Sea confrontation between China and its neighbors plus the U.S. and others is escalating while awaiting the adjudication of a U.N. court that has already been discounted by China.

U.S. Pensions of public workers are underfunded by some 50% compared to other developed countries. (The report doesn’t mention that they’re also more generous and that the cities, counties and states are likely unable to pay them.)

Chicago: Weekend count was 5 killed, 13 shot.

4000 passengers missed flights awaiting TSA screening in loooong lines at major airports. (Government Service) Video from Chicago Midway Airport. The lengthening passenger waits reflect only mismanagement, per report. (But we note that it’s budget season in Congress …)

The culture: A man was arrested after a woman and boy were shot at a “Stop the Violence!” event.

Milwaukee public schools plan to spend $471,000 on “Black Lives Matter.”

Pentagon: “China is Restructuring Itself for War” ( True, China is updating its dated military; thee question remains how much is Chinese bellicosity versus how much is Pentagon reaction to U.S. military budget cuts.)

The Culture: A Connecticut woman was harassed and told to leave the ladies’ restroom at Wal-Mart. (Short hair becomes a risk as a security guard mistakes her for a man.)

The world’s central banks are selling off U.S. Treasury bonds faster than usual while private investors are buying them up. (No sweat … unless it continues.)

Book: “The Confessions of Congressman X” – A look at the dark side of Congress by one of its own. (Amazon) (Fun for those who already have their suspicions.)

Obamacare’s spending problem: (Article) Explains the unsustainably expanding cost of the program.

Government planned economies  : Why they can’t work and can’t be dislodged (Article).(Whether it’s Washington, Moscow, Beijing or London is irrelevant.)

Bill Clinton plans an economic role in any Hillary Clinton Administration.  (Bill thrill )

The U.S. quintupled its tariff on Chinese steel imports. (Government helps the economy by depriving it of cheap steel.)

French politician Marine Le Pen filmed a government raid on her headquarters and when the officers (evidently all male) tried to grab her phone, stuffed it down her “ample cleavage” and dared them to “come and get it.” (We suspect it was her political prominence rather than the amplitude of her cleavge that saved her phone.)

Today’s economy truthfully explained for us in simple terms.  (No propaganda article)

Solar cell efficiency is moving above 30% in research, an entre’ to much broader markets if it can be scaled up into affordable production. (And if batteries keep improving!)

Overtime increase mandate: Prez Obama is increasing eligibility for overtime pay by raising the exclusion salary limit from its presently $23,660 to $47,440. That is expected to add some 5 million workers to the overtime eligible list.

Culture: In Southern California, a woman took a bat to a man’s truck for remaining too long in front of a gas pump. (Advice to men: Don’t keep her waiting!)

Part human, part animal embryos are now created in research labs. (Report) (By Doctors Caligari and Moreau?)

A female security guard who ejectedan allegedly transgender woman from a supermarket ladies’ restroom was charged with assault in Washington, D.C.

Obama Foreign Policy: Iran has demanded that the U.S. pay it $50 billion for “years of spiritual and material damage.” Hiroshima nuke victims want an apology from Prez. Obama. (Didn’t they shoot first?)

Obamacare: A health insurer is suing the Federal government for $223 million in back payments.

Puerto Rico: The islands’ unrepayable borrowings are bailed out by Congress under an agreement among both parties and the President. (Financially, Washington these days seems to be managed from Buenos Aires.)

 Climate change denial  and any supporting material has been banned by an Oregon school board.

Robocop: Robots are showing up providing security in shopping malls. (A mobile and more obvious security camera. We’ll bet it won’t work.)

Affirmative housing action imposed by Federal regulation (“Fair Housing”) in local neighborhoods was protected by the GOP-controlled Senate.(Hmnn … why elect a Trump while retaining Congressfolk?)

Chicago finance: The city’s pensions leaped further into unsustainability. “The only solution is bankruptcy.”

U.S. Department of Justice attorneys were ordered into professional ethics classes by a Texas judge responding to their deliberate deceit in presenting a case. (Is “ethical attorney” an oxymoron now?)

San Francisco: A young man was publicly mobbed, beaten and may die.

Miami: Five women attacked and best a Victoria’s Secret employee in that store.

Chicago: A woman exiting Starbucks was gunned down.

Venezuela: Buy a hamburger for only $170….Food and medical shortages are a government policy (Report).

11 naked women are performing Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” at New York City’s Central Park.”

Umd Das ist Alles (Never mind, only our Grossvater actually spoke German …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Just a note the “Overtime increase mandate: Prez Obama is increasing eligibility for overtime pay by raising the exclusion salary limit from its presently $23,660 to $47,440. That is expected to add some 5 million workers to the overtime eligible list.” Seems to leave out that the current $23,660 is LAW and Obama’s job is to enforce it not CHANGE it… So the increase is actually illegal, but that hasn’t stopped Obama yet.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Obama succeeds in avoiding laws he finds inconvenient (as have previous presidents) while Congress and the Court look the other way, right? The ultimate road, seems to me, to Constitutional oblivion.

  2. Pete says:

    I am particularly interested in the Chicago fact that 5 people were killed and 10 shot during one weekend and no national media storm… could it be that no police were involved?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, could be as suggest. Also, could have been an unacceptable percentage of blacks involved we suppose and additionally, this was not a record number of shootings for a Chicago weekend from what we see. Just not very newsworthy enough for greater attention? (By Chicago standards …)

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