GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannOur picks of the weeks’ news and views:

“The Borderless World”: Sec of State John Kerry pushes the globalist agenda. (But doesn’t explain how diversity and equality can coexist.)

The Feds ability to use force has been beefing; now that is accelerating. (Murphy’s Law resonates.)

China: Economic reality sucks; as another example of government run economies stumbles over it.

A vegetarian restaurant’s owners received death threats after they    were discovered eating meat. (C’mon, guys; you let your politicians get away with stuff like that …)

Job cuts at U.S. employers increased 35% in April. (Our ‘recovery’ proceeds …)

Trump spoke up honestly on the Federal debt; the only candidate so far to do so. But then he watered down his apparent comment (i.e. chickened out, we suppose.)  Unfortunately, the indignant anti Donald scoffers were incorrect and Trump was “right on the money” in the first place. (Even governments go under when they borrow too much).

Chicago:  45 people shot over Mother’s Day weekend, 6 dead.

More Chicago: A man choked an 8 year old girl unconscious in a ladies’ restroom while her mother occupied the next stall. (A man has a right to the ladies’ if he wants, not so?)

More Chicago: 5 people were shot while waiting for a bus. .

Philadelphia: A woman was beaten on the sidewalk by a man while a crowd watched; none helped.  (Maybe she was wearing a headscarf?)

The culture: A priest was shot while hailing a cab in New York City.

More culture: A wife beat her husband for his Mothers’ Day gift of the wrong flowers and candy.

Kid culture: 14 and 15 year old s live screened a sex threesome for classmates in school.  Added surprise: A Police department faces an underage sex scandal.

Still more culture: A university, after a Black Lives Matter message was defaced, called the police and arranged for counseling sessions for those offended.

Added culture: A woman killed a man at a motel over the price for sex, per police.

Ultimate culture: A Times Square “free hugs” guy attacked a tourist for not tipping.

The cost of a new home today includes some $85,000 imposed by government regulations. (Wall Street Journal: “U.S. home ownership rate hits 48 year low”)

Addicts are turning to an anti-diarrhea medication to get high. (Plug-Uglies?)

Amazon’s new video posting service is a shot at YouTube. (Competition swings!)

The Economy: Nearly 1 of every 6 U.S.  young men is either jobless or in jail, per the Congressional Budget Office. (Quick, ship us more illegals!)

The Economy: The top 25 hedge fund managers together earned more than some countries last year.

Airports are protesting inadequate TSA security services that are delaying passengers and flights; New York has threatened to replace government screeners with private contractors. TSA lost 3000 suitcases in one day at the Phoenix airport. (Isn’t “government service” an oxymoron?)

Brazil: The President is impeached by a Senate vote but she has sworn to fight on.  (What with Zika, an iffy-looking Olympics looming and political corruption amid economic decline and massive drought issues, a Constitutional crisis is a nice cherry on top ….

Argentina’s recent President Cristina Fernandez has been charged with illegal financial actions while in office and must appear in court to answer.

Mail carriers: 6,549 were bitten by dogs in 2015. (Well, they never deliver mail to the dogs …)

The major media censored a story about government censorship of Fox News. (Shh …)

The Senate appropriation bill will spend more than President Obama requested.

Senator Sessions: : The election offers a choice between nationalism and globalism. (Or between a happy clown and a sad one)

The Numbers of Americans  working past 65 are breaking records. (Well, they get hungry …)

Obamacare employment costs are set to bomb small business this year. (Government job creation, right?)

Is the Federal Reserve about to come clean re inflation? (Hell no!)

Venezuela: Desperate looters seeking food wounded en masse’.(Latest socialist paradise implodes.)

The Economy: Wendy’s is following McDonald’s into robot employee replacement as minimum wages increase. (It’s called “economics, stupid!)

Various Saudis, including some in government were apparently supporters of the 9/11 New York terrorist attack per recent news leaks.

100 naked women are to be photographed before the GOP convention in Cleveland, per the artist

organizing the mass shoot.  (100 naked women vs. Hillary? Is that even fair?)

Thus another improbable week escapes us.


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