Are We Voting On The Next Herbert Hoover?

ProsperityPresident Herbert Hoover’s slogan for the Great Depression was: “Prosperity is just around the corner.” It proved a tough corner to round. Our 2016 President elect seems likely to face similarly intractable circumstances without the present officials; ability to pretend to ignore them.

If Trump supporters cannot, as described in our previous post, expect their candidate to head off the the defenestration of the U.S, should they then support Hillary Clinton? Or should they just sit out the election? Why elect a Trump if he cannot change much?

We cannot advise others what they should do; it is difficult enough for us to decide what we should do. We will discuss exactly that, speaking only for ourselves.

Mrs. Clinton is the very symbol of the status quo, from executing Obama Administration foreign policy as Secretary of State, through her now classified speeches on Wall Street all the way back to her failed attempt to impose what we now call Obamacare upon the Clinton Administration. She is the candidate of the Way Things Are. Mr. Trump is the candidate of dissatisfaction with the way things are. (So is Bernie Sanders.)

But the previous post concludes that the Way Things Are is so embedded in our reality that even an elected and determined Trump won’t alter much of it. What is our way forward?

Well, if we wish to be recorded as against the present, we have only Trump to speak for us, even if he doesn’t always speak as we wish. Half a loaf is better than none, per our grandmother.  If he wimps out on us, we are no worse off than if we had elected Hillary.

If he holds to what he has been saying, much of it will require a supportive Congress now seeming unlikely but perhaps, igniting future progress at succeeding elections. It offers at least, hope for deviation from  financially unsustainable path. Trump’s successors may find an easier path. Or not, if a President Trump can be positioned by the Democrats as the successor of 1928’s President Herbert Hoover.

We seem to be watching second-rate politicians vying for control of our lives in a fools’ race conducted before an audience of bigger fools, namely us. Mr. Trump may not differ much from Mrs. Clinton, but he claims otherwise and his is the only game in town. He can’t, by walking into the White House, save us. He might just light a fuse, though. One that could ultimately, blow up the status quo. For lack of other prospects, we will for now, support him. Readers should do as they see fit. We will understand.

Any port, as our grandmother said, in a storm. We hasten to add, don’t expect too much …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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